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1982-1983 Daewoo Maepsy
It's an Isuzu Gemini built under license, so Japanese origin. 2017-04-30 00:05
kylebuilder wrote Anyone want to add the Mitsubishi V3000 to this site? its basically a 5th Gen Mitsubishi Galant with a 3.0 6G72 powerplant shoved into the engine bay. They were fairly successful in New Zealand during the late 80s and early 90s.

I don't think I have specifications for it, or proper pictures. As I don't really see any visual differences, it would be merged with the Magna anyway.
2017-04-28 08:51
Since 2017 Kia Stinger GT
You don't need to put AWD in engine names, as it already states that the car has it after the transmission. 2017-04-27 21:21
Toyota Toyota has some interesting plans for the future. The next Estima is likely going to replace the Estima, Isis and Prius alpha. The Mark X is probably going to be integrated into the next Camry. 2017-04-27 19:44
1995-2014 Nissan Cedric Sedan (Gloria Sedan) MkVII
The Nissan Cedric Sedan and Gloria Sedan were identical except for the badge on the front. The Gloria was discontinued in 1999. 2017-04-26 23:31
1989-1991 Nissan Bluebird MkVIII
The strange mirrors are due to it being a driver's education car. 2017-04-24 20:48
2009-2013 Chevrolet Camaro
Rinspeed wrote What about Camaro, Mustang etc? I erase them? It's common i think

They are sports cars though, especially with the V8. If these go, hot hatches will also have to go.
2017-04-23 19:55
1970-1972 De Tomaso Pantera
Ooh nice one! 2017-04-23 13:42
1986-1994 Nissan Terrano MkI
It had a facelift in 1993, but pictures are very hard to find due to the popularity of the 5-door model. It got the well-known Nissan badge on the front, and a Wide version with a bigger bodykit. 2017-04-23 12:04
Suzuki (Europe)
Rinspeed wrote
but more than 80000, this will let out some cars like Alfa 4C or Lotus Elise or future Alpine. And also what about the sports hatch? You include them?

I think those cars would still fall under the Sports Cars category.
2017-04-22 10:53
Suzuki (Europe) In my personal opinion coupés and convertibles should be integrated in the luxury cars category, so not under €80,000. I don't really see what is so special about a BMW 2/4 or Audi A5, I see dozens of them every day here in England, and back home they are also common. I also think it's kind of strange that very cheap and uninteresting cars can pass through these categories.

-- Last edit: 2017-04-22 09:13:40
2017-04-22 09:12
2003-2006 Chevrolet SSR [GMT360]
carcrazedalex586 wrote
I did try with the Car Spotting thing! I am only talking about my photo of the car! I am not replacing anything!

Then I have no idea what you mean by "WCS doesn't allow me to access the gallery"
2017-04-18 14:45
2013-2015 Brabus B63-700 6x6
Mark0 wrote He played GTA V too much :D

At least it isn't gold.
2017-04-18 14:44
1977-1979 Škoda 105
JFK wrote I am pretty sure this is 1979, but why there is that square plate on the back?

Because smaller license plates look better? :P
2017-04-18 01:41
2003-2006 Chevrolet SSR [GMT360]
carcrazedalex586 wrote I have tried to take a photo of the one I saw earlier, but WCS does not allow me to access the gallery!

Why would you replace these manufacturer photos with self-made ones? That's not how Car Spotting works just so you know.
2017-04-18 01:40
1962-1966 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet [Typ 1]
It's just a sedan with a canvas top. 2017-04-16 11:49
2017 Suzuki Swift Sport
subliminalglory wrote Ohhhh we can do these? I see these all the time! I never really try to take pics of moving cars though...

You should! It would be pretty interesting to have some of these. Just be sure to put a watermark on them, as otherwise people will claim them for themselves and blame you as a copycat.
2017-04-12 20:43
1971-1974 Nissan Cherry Coupé MkI
Rinspeed wrote
Too difficult to add this feature

Ah that's too bad
2017-04-10 23:58
1971-1974 Nissan Cherry Coupé MkI
Is it not possible for WCS to have version history? Like wikia pages, where you can see who changed what on a page? I don't know if only you can see this or if this doesn't exist on WCS and IGCD.

-- Last edit: 2017-04-10 23:43:46
2017-04-10 23:43
Since 2017 Volkswagen Golf VII [Typ 5G]
Rinspeed wrote
they not facelifted a lot. Bumpers for example

Oh I get what you mean. I'm happy I don't really do German carmakers.
2017-04-10 22:34
Since 2017 Volkswagen Golf VII [Typ 5G]
Rinspeed wrote
if only i hadn't to add it... There is multiple versions i have to do just for a very limited thing like always with VW

What limited thing?
2017-04-10 21:58
Since 2017 Volkswagen Golf VII [Typ 5G]
I don't think this car deserves a seperate page, just because of how lazy the designers were with this facelift. 2017-04-10 21:16
1986-1990 Nissan Langley MkIII
The Mini-Skyline is here! 2017-04-10 20:21
1971-1974 Nissan Cherry Coupé MkI
Rinspeed wrote
top speed of the engines

Ok, thanks for letting me know :)
2017-04-10 20:03
1971-1974 Nissan Cherry Coupé MkI
What was edited on this car (and the other Cherries)? 2017-04-10 19:54
1976-1983 Škoda 105 L [Typ 742]
If you can pinpoint the year as 1981, you should place it as 1981 Skoda 105. I don't know if the changes are big enough to warrant seperate WCS pages? 2017-04-10 19:36
1986-1990 Nissan EXA Canopy MkII
Just some additional information:
The Japanese market EXA and American market Pulsar NX are slightly different.

The Japanese model was sold in 2 bodystyles: coupé or canopy. The roof panels could be taken out, like a normal targa roof, but the other parts cannot be changed.

The American model was sold in 1 bodystyle: coupé only. It also had a targa roof, and it had the "Sportbak" option, which is a wagon part that could be attached to the rear to make the car into a 3-door wagon.
2017-04-09 16:55
2010 AMG 300 SEL 6.8 'Rote Sau'
Year should be 2010 and points change accordingly. 2017-04-07 14:14
Since 2012 Mansory G63 AMG
It looks like Lego. 2017-04-07 13:14
1985-1988 Ford Aerostar
subliminalglory wrote But hey, this is a super exciting car, right? Haha

I think interesting would be a better word :)
2017-04-06 14:39
Since 2013 Opel Adam
Gamer wrote Wouldn't it make more sense if the Vauxhall version was called Wilson?

Probably, I always thought it was a weird choice to not rename this. At least they changed the Karl to Viva.

-- Last edit: 2017-04-04 19:02:35
2017-04-04 19:02
1997-2017 Toyota Century [GZG50]
carcrazedalex586 wrote It's time to be replaced with a new car. Seriously, the Century was aging.

It won't be replaced by anything.
2017-04-03 22:11
Since 2017 Ford GT MkII
No idea what happened to this car. I think it went into production in the end of 2016, but still no official pictures or specifications to be found.. 2017-04-03 00:46
1997-2017 Toyota Century [GZG50]
JFK wrote Noooo! This car was so cool!

Well, a 5.0 V12 producing 280hp really doesn't work anymore nowadays. I don't want to imagine what kind of fuel economy this car must have. I also read that the Lexus LS600h LWB in Japan is more expensive than the Century, so...
2017-04-03 00:41
1997-2017 Toyota Century [GZG50]
This dinosaur has finally bitten the dust. 2017-04-03 00:15
2001-2004 Honda Fit Series I
Rinspeed wrote
you are in UK now??

Yes, until the end of August. That's why I changed my flag :)
2017-04-02 13:39
2001-2004 Honda Fit Series I
There are some JDM cars here in the UK as well, I've seen multiple Nissan Elgrands, Toyota Alphards, and even a Ford Freda once. 2017-04-02 01:42
2017 Tamo C-Cube
What is that text on the rear picture? Watermark? 2017-03-30 21:36
1983-1986 Nissan 200SX MkIII
Fun fact, although all other 200/240SX models are based off the Silvia (or 180SX for the later hatch coupés), this specific model is based off the Nissan Gazelle. 2017-03-30 01:13
Since 2012 Ferrari F12berlinetta
speedfreak975 wrote where do you live man :p

2017-03-29 19:12
2015-2017 Kia Rio
Nope, except for the 1st gen, the sedan was never sold in Western Europe. 2017-03-27 19:18
Since 2015 Renault Duster
It's a shame the European market Duster never got this facelift. I believe initially they said that the Duster would soon be replaced by a new model in Europe, but here we are, the Duster is still the same car in Europe. 2017-03-25 20:10
Since 2015 BMW 1 [F20]
Mieguy wrote Built in Regensburg, not Munich. Strangely its sometimes called the Munich factory, but Regensburg is 120 kilometer away... - and according to that same website the Munich factory is a separate one with a different address.


This happens more often in the US and Japan as well. Factories are named after the greater area instead of the towns they are actually located in.
In this case it just seems like someone made a mistake though.
2017-03-22 15:10
Since 2016 Fiat Fullback Double Cab [502]
fck wrote

The difference is more visible than in f.e. 3- and 5-dr hatchback.

I disagree, but if you want to add double cab, double cab extended bed, quad cab, quad cab extended bed, crew cab and crew cab extended bed for some trucks, you are free to do so.

I've also noticed that the dimensions on the Fiat Fullback's two bodyshapes are the exact same, which seems incorrect. So if you want to add all the different truck styles, I suggest you actually add engines with the correct dimensions.

-- Last edit: 2017-03-14 20:22:32
2017-03-14 19:28
Since 2016 Fiat Fullback Double Cab [502]
Do we really need different pages for different cab styles? I tried doing different cab styles once, and I promise you will get sick of it. 2017-03-14 08:53
1982-1983 Nissan Sunny Turbo Leprix Coupé MkV
Mieguy wrote Anyone else who needed more than five minutes to realise why it says OBRUT in the grille? :whistle:

Btw, it is a Hatchback 3 doors if i see that right. I changed it.

Hatchback coupe, changing it back.
2017-03-13 22:25
speedfreak975 wrote it was the S that should count for something anyways it your rules

The S models are really common though.
2017-03-13 08:34
Since 2016 Cadillac CT6 [Omega]
fck, I don't think Cadillac ever confirmed this car to be the successor of the Fleetwood. I get it's the first full-size Cadillac since the Fleetwood though. 2017-03-08 20:34
fck wrote

Opel and Vauxhall models will slowly transfer into PSA platforms, Holden will be still developed as usual, Buick will focus on chinese market.

But both Buick and Holden use a lot of Opel models. I read there is some agreement that GM can keep using Opels for now, but when it stops two of the best selling Buicks (Regal and Encore) will disappear, and Holden will probably become all Chevrolet clones.

-- Last edit: 2017-03-08 08:51:40
2017-03-08 08:50
Opel Opel and Vauxhall have been sold by GM to PSA. I wonder what this will mean for the brands, and Buick and Holden as well. 2017-03-07 19:29

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