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1973-1975 Plymouth Fury (Gran Fury) Series VI [C-Body]
Renamed Gran Fury for 1975 when the Fury nameplate was moved to what used to be the Plymouth Satellite. The top trim level of the Gran Fury, the Brougham, would receive different headlights that were standard on all Gran Fury models from 1976 onwards.

-- Last edit: 2018-12-10 23:39:56
2018-12-10 23:38
1973-1975 Plymouth Fury Suburban (Gran Fury Suburban) Series VI [C-Body]
Renamed Gran Fury Suburban for 1975. The top trim level, Sport Suburban, got different headlights which would be standard on all Suburbans from 1976 onwards. 2018-12-10 23:36
1933-1934 Rühr 8 Typ F (13/75 PS)
Rinspeed wrote
??? i don't see a problem...

I fixed it this morning, the ü in Rühr was messed up.
2018-12-04 19:20
Since 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Mk.V
Mark0 wrote The central console screen is too small, I can't check Facebook or Instagram in 4K...

"People calling or being on their phone behind the wheel makes them distracted and potentially very dangerous in traffic!"
*Makes the infotainment screen bigger so you can watch Netflix on it*
2018-12-03 10:30
Since 2019 Kia Soul Series III
carcrasher88 wrote Couple of issues here. One, the first two photos are of the Soul EV, not the regular Soul. Second, the interior photo is from the updated Nissan Maxima.

The interior shot was an accident, will replace it.
I chose to use Soul EV pics since I think it looks better than the "sporty" trim, and I only ever split an upcoming car in different models when it's released (One page for the Mazda3 for example, even though there are both a hatchback and a sedan).
2018-11-29 11:46
Since 2019 Toyota Prius IV
The Japanese Prius has actually had this AWD-e system for 3 years already, so it was only a matter of time until they started introducing it elsewhere. 2018-11-28 23:32
2013-2017 Samsung QM3
CeilingHamster wrote I used the wrong Renault Captur when I was adding similar cars. The 20913-2017 model is the correct model! Very sorry for the mix-up!

No worries, fixed it.
2018-11-28 23:30
1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 442
That is definitely an Intrigue. 2018-11-24 10:00
Since 2018 Ford Focus Active
Would it be possible to get rid of the Design vote feature on WCS?
It's unused on most cars on the website, and the ones where it is used, just one person votes. Maybe two once in a while.
It doesn't mean anything, other than the opinion of a few people out there.

-- Last edit: 2018-11-22 15:38:17
2018-11-22 15:36
1986 Plymouth Sundance Convertible
This honestly looks more like a Chevy Cavalier than a Plymouth Sundance. 2018-11-20 21:45
1987 GM Sunraycer
Race: Other Prototype would be closest category we have?
This car competed in and won the first World Solar Challenge, where solar powered cars make their way across Australia.

-- Last edit: 2018-11-18 11:38:54
2018-11-18 11:37
2000-2004 Chrysler Voyager (Town & Country) Series IV [RS]
Renamed Town & Country for MY 2004, ending any reference to the Plymouth brand. 2018-11-17 15:11
1995-2000 Plymouth Voyager Series III [NS]
This and the Plymouth Grand Voyager were also badged as Chrysler Voyager and Grand Voyager in 2000, when Plymouth was starting to be phased out. They look exactly like the Plymouths, but with Chrysler badges, and were sold at the same time as the Chrysler Town & Country, which has a completely different grille.

-- Last edit: 2018-11-17 15:07:04
2018-11-17 15:06
2001-2004 Honda Fit Series I
CeilingHamster wrote Why is this called the Honda Jazz in the UK (and, I assume, Europe) but Honda Fit elsewhere?

It's called the Jazz everywhere but Japan, China and the Americas. I think it has something to do with the Honda City from the 80s being sold as Honda Jazz in Europe.
A completely unrelated 3-door SUV, which was essentially a rebadged Isuzu MU/Amigo/Opel Frontera, was sold as Honda Jazz in Japan.

-- Last edit: 2018-11-11 21:46:29
2018-11-11 21:43
Since 2019 BMW X7 [G07]
carcrasher88 wrote Not only that, it hardly looks like a BMW to start with. It looks like they slapped a Hofmeister Kink and an ugly nose on a Mercedes-Benz body.

I think that's more due to it being an SUV. There's only so much you can do to make a box look different, especially if it's a big 7-seater box.
2018-11-06 08:07
Since 2018 Jaguar I-Pace Mk.I [D7e]
Rinspeed wrote
because Jaguar said that it's a SUV.

Should we maybe update the category to Off-Road/SUV/Crossover?
It makes a lot of cars which aren't really SUVs but called that way by their manufacturer easier to identify.
2018-11-04 09:25
2010-2014 Ford Mondeo MkIV [EUCD]
I don't know who claimed it was unavailable there, but the car in the pictures has UK plates.
I'll edit it to be correct.
2018-11-04 09:21
Since 2015 Chevrolet Silverado LD (Silverado) Mk.III [GMTK2XX]
Rinspeed wrote what are the engine always in production?

I think all of them, they often do this with the Chevy Malibu as well.
2018-11-03 12:47
Since 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Mk.IV [GMTT1XX]
carcrasher88 wrote Would the CHEVROLET across the grille (as opposed to the bowtie on the center of the grille) on Custom and Custom Trail Boss trims (WT being a commercial-focused but not solely commercial only model, not sure if it would be allowed on here) be enough to warrant them being placed in as a 'Trim Difference'?

I guess it would. I decided not to add different trims, because every single one has a different grille. You can go for it if you want.
2018-11-03 09:27
Since 2015 Chevrolet Silverado LD (Silverado) Mk.III [GMTK2XX]
carcrasher88 wrote Just like the Sierra, this generation of Silverado is still in production, solely built in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada as the 2019 Silverado LD, so I have edited this to reflect that.

Sounds good to me, I didn't notice their production continued.
2018-11-03 09:25
2014-2017 Škoda Octavia Classic Series II [Typ 1Z]
JFK wrote This isnt in production no more, but i cant find when it ended.

I would assume 2017? That's when the newer Octavia was facelifted and the pre-facelift model was renamed Octavia Classic.
2018-10-20 15:57
Since 2019 BMW X7 [G07]
Mark0 wrote Is it me or this look like Navigator copy?

They're both big SUVs with lots of chrome, but I think the Navigator is a bit different. Much boxier and with different styling elements.
On the other hand, if people believe this BMW looks like the Lincoln, that's a good thing, because the Navigator is the one to beat in this segment.
2018-10-18 11:43
Since 2013 Zhongxing Grand Tiger TUV
SolanaBogon wrote Althought clearly branded as Zhongxing in most (if not all) sources I found, either in English or in Chinese, including the official website, on the manufacturer nameplate of this vehicle we can clearly read "品牌 田野牌" on the 3rd line, which can be translated as "brand: Tianye", Tianye Auto being the old name of Zhongxing Auto. I don't really know what to think of this

I think it's fine as Zhongxing.
2018-10-11 19:54
Since 2019 Škoda Scala
Why presentation in Tel Aviv 2018 when the car hasn't been revealed yet? 2018-10-09 22:03
Since 2018 Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai
I noticed you made a mistake on the engines. Where it says "motor type" you should put 4 cyl, and where it says "valves", you should put 8 or 16, whichever is applicable. 2018-10-08 17:27
Since 2018 Audi A1 Sportback
Rinspeed, is it possible to see a list of cars in the Upcoming Cars category? That way we can see if there are any on the website that are already in production and can be removed.

-- Last edit: 2018-10-07 21:21:03
2018-10-07 21:20
Since 2018 Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai
Rinspeed wrote
RWD, no?

If it's based on Isuzu D-Max, yes.
2018-10-07 21:17
Since 2018 Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai
Drivetrain is missing on most of the engines. 2018-10-07 19:20
Since 2018 Ford Transit Connect MkII
I don't know for sure what the name of the 2.0 is yet, and the power/torque of the diesel engine aren't final. 2018-10-07 19:15
2018 Škoda Vision RS
Mark0 wrote Can someone make some sport hatch with 3 doors...

There is Mini, Abarth 500 and DS3 for example. But I don't think 3-door cars are that popular anymore.
2018-10-01 16:08
JFK wrote Maybe we could do it as with VAZ/Lada

But having cars named Besturn Bestune wouldn't make sense I think
2018-10-01 11:32
Besturn So rename the page to Bestune but leave the old cars named Besturn? 2018-10-01 11:31
Besturn Apparently, the English name of this brand is being changed to Bestune, while the Chinese name doesn't change. How do we change that on WCS? 2018-10-01 00:11
Since 2013 Ford Fiesta MkII [Global B]
carcrasher88 wrote Since when was the Fiesta built in Tennessee? Ford doesn't even have an assembly plant in that state.

No idea, might have been incorrect information on Wikipedia at some point.
2018-09-23 21:18
1991 M2 1004
Rinspeed wrote
yes but we don't put prototype of commercial vehicles


I don't think it's a problem, there aren't that many, and some are still interesting because they show experiments that never made production.
2018-09-23 10:45
1991 M2 1004
Rinspeed wrote it's a commercial vehicle

But it's a prototype anyway.
2018-09-23 00:19
Since 2018 Škoda Kamiq
I moved this to Shanghai Skoda, assuming there is no other Chinese Skoda. 2018-09-16 00:03
2011-2012 Toyota Avensis Mk.III
SolanaBogon wrote I'm changing origin to Europe because since at least the 2nd gen the Avensis was developed, designed and engineered in Europe.
And since Toyota's European R&D center is located in Brussels, maybe we can be more precise and put origin as Belgium, but that would be too much assumption I think.

I have to disagree. It's still completely based on Japanese underpinnings, and we can't specify any European country as being the origin of this car. I would like to keep it as Origin: Japan.
2018-09-15 15:06
Since 2018 Lexus ES
Apparently the first mass production car that will have digital door mirrors, as they have been legalized in Japan. 2018-09-12 14:59
Since 2019 Kia Telluride
The car has been modified with bullbars and off-road accessories to fit the Texas design theme at the fashion event. However, the car without those parts is apparently how it will look in production. 2018-09-09 13:51
2000-2003 Dacia SupeRNova
Shouldn't this be listed as 5-dr Hatchback? It looks like it has a hatch in the back..
(Same goes for the Novas and Solenza on WCS)

-- Last edit: 2018-09-06 20:45:32
2018-09-06 20:44
2007-2010 Nissan Micra C+C
SolanaBogon wrote From Wikipedia: "It was designed at the new London-based Nissan Design Europe studio, developed at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe at Cranfield, Bedfordshire and built, as with its predecessor, at the Sunderland plant."
So origin UK?

2018-09-03 09:19
1991 Rover Metro Scout
Mr. Avanzato wrote Yes but I don't know how to list it as one

Instead of wagon, it should say proto/concept. I'll change it for you ;)
2018-09-02 10:10
1991 Rover Metro Scout
Is this not a concept car? 2018-09-01 20:20
Since 2018 Kia K900 Series II
carcrasher88 wrote Such a shame that, unlike Genesis, this car doesn't get it's own unique look, instead looking like a copy of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with an interior that looks part S-Class and part 7 Series. It's not ugly, it's just too derivative.

I think more than anything, it just looks very bland. I don't think people will remember it in 10 years.
2018-08-31 12:39
Since 2018 Kia Forte Series III
This car looks so weird. The front and back are fine on their own, but the side looks so bland, like they forgot to do anything with it.. 2018-08-29 12:12
2018 Italdesign Nissan GT-R50
speedfreak975 wrote It was nice in 2010 but it got boring real fast. Plus I dont really consider a supercar. More like sports car. This was refreshing

Sure, it's a little bit older, but it used to beat cars 5x its price on the track. It probably still beats a lot of cars you consider "supercars". I'm glad it's still around and looks the way it does, because there are too many cars like new McLarens that look just horrible because of all the aero parts that are tacked on.
2018-08-28 11:03
2018 Italdesign Nissan GT-R50
speedfreak975 wrote Best looking modern GTR...not that it was that difficult to beat normal one

I actually love how clean the normal GT-R looks, compared to some modern supercars..
2018-08-27 19:45
Since 2016 Samsung QM6
speedfreak975 wrote Renault has sued samsung for this....or is with their approval as diff branding for specific region

It's owned by Renault. The full official name is Renault Samsung Motors I believe. It basically sells Renaults (and formerly also Nissans) in South Korea.
2018-08-27 17:24
Since 2011 Singer Porsche 911
speedfreak975 wrote What about singer-williams 911 DLS doesnt that deserve a page ?

I think it does, yeah.

-- Last edit: 2018-08-27 17:05:16
2018-08-27 13:13

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