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Since 2020 GMC Yukon XL Mk.IV
Current picture is of the Denali model, but will be replaced by a normal Yukon XL one closer to its release. 2020-01-15 10:21
1963 Mazda 802
Lancia wrote https://www.mazda.com/en/innovation/stories/greatcar/cosmo-sport/

Is it the same car mentioned?

No, that would be this: www.webcarstory.com/voiture.php?id=23988
2020-01-13 20:45
1963 Mazda 802
Unfortunately I can't find pictures with better angles. This car is a prototype for the Cosmo Sport, and it is either shelved at Mazda's headquarters, or no longer exists.
It's not displayed in their museum in Hiroshima.
2020-01-12 22:46
2011 äkoda Fabia II S2
Iíve moved the two rally cars to Shanghai Skoda.

-- Last edit: 2020-01-11 13:32:15
2020-01-11 13:32
2020 Sony Vision-S
CeilingHamster wrote Are Sony entering the car market or is this just a one-off thing?

Itís just to show off automotive tech.
2020-01-08 13:33
1964-1971 Meyers Manx
Happy New Year! 2020-01-01 13:00
Since 2017 Honda Accord Series X
Maki wrote
I couldn't find any of the other colors in the Canadian brochure I looked up and I'm not sure if they're sold in Canada. Should we provide French names for those colors?

I donít think it matters that much.
2019-12-23 20:24
Since 2005 Hafei Saibao
According to Wikipedia it ceased production in 2008. Why is it still listed as produced? 2019-12-20 11:37
2008-2012 Nissan Fairlady Z MkVI
We use "related cars" only for cars which are either the same car but sold by a different brand, or a different car based on the same platform/body.
Nissan 370Z is NOT to be added to related cars, since Fairlady Z and 370Z are the same car by the same brand.
2019-12-15 12:19
2016-2019 Infiniti QX30
Lancia wrote Is it possible that I could contribute to a Russian translation of this site?

Are you fluent in Russian?
2019-12-13 22:30
2016-2019 Infiniti QX30
Maki wrote Infiniti's Canadian website already stopped listing it after the 2018 model year. Apparently this thing only lasted for 2 model years there.

While it is still listed on the US website, it's described as a 2019 model whereas all the other models are listed as 2020s, so I guess its days there are numbered.

Yes, production of it has already finished this summer. The Mercedes GLA on which it is based got a new generation, but the Q(X)30 was confirmed to not get a successor.
2019-12-13 11:22
Since 2014 Cadillac CTS Series III [Alpha]
Even though the CT5 has recently launched, this car still appears on the Cadillac website as being sold. 2019-12-07 16:57
carcrasher88 wrote
Also, the LaCrosse still needs to be removed from current road cars, as that went out of production in North America back in February 15th of this year.

Itís my general policy to take cars out of the current car section when they are removed from the brandís official website, not when their production halts.
2019-12-05 09:08
Since 2014 Chevrolet Colorado Mk.II [GMT31XX]
carcrasher88 wrote Here's a good question. The ZR2 model is quite visually different than the standard Colorado, as well as only offering the diesel I4 and gas V6 powertrain options, should it be listed as a separate vehicle on here, like the various Camaros and Corvettes?

And don't forget the even more visually different looking ZR2 Bison, and the fact that the 2021 ZR2 will further separate itself from the standard Colorado.

I think the ZR2 can be added as a separate vehicle with the Bison as special edition.
2019-12-03 09:47
Yushkov webcarstory.com/voiture.php?id=8131

It doesnít show up because the person who added it didnít enter any years of production...
2019-11-26 07:00
1986-1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe MkIX [Fox]
HQMonaro1972 wrote

It shows up now, but earlier iit didn't show up for me at all.

The website has problems like that every now and then. Usually refreshing the page helps.
2019-11-25 20:01
2013-2017 Nissan X-Trail MkIII
Lancia wrote In Canada, this is called the Murano.

The Murano is a different car.
2019-11-25 06:57
1986-1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe MkIX [Fox]
HQMonaro1972 wrote Where did the front view image go?

I can see it fine. Does it not load for you?
2019-11-25 06:56
1997-1999 Toyota GranVia
CeilingHamster wrote There's a bunch of these in my area, so there's either a grey market importer or this was sold in the UK.

There's a lot of Japanese 90s vans in the UK, they were apparently popular imports back in the day. They were not officially sold there by those brands though.

During my time in the UK, I saw a lot of Mazda Bongo Friendee and Toyota Estima Emina/Lucida vans.

-- Last edit: 2019-11-23 18:33:06
2019-11-23 18:31
Since 2020 Buick Encore GX
CeilingHamster wrote
I thought it looked quite similar to the Crossland/Mokka. I've looked again and it is a subtly different design but you can't deny the similarities.

Well both the Mokka and this car were designed by GM Korea, so they have some similarities.

-- Last edit: 2019-11-22 16:08:49
2019-11-22 16:08
Since 2020 Buick Encore GX
CeilingHamster wrote I thought Buick was done rebadging Vauxhall/Opel cars?

What Opel/Vauxhall do you think this is a rebadge of?
2019-11-22 14:18
Since 2019 Kia Soul EV Series III
Seems to already be sold in Canada, not yet in the US.

-- Last edit: 2019-11-21 00:09:32
2019-11-21 00:09
Since 2019 Ford Escape MkIV [C2]
I've taken the car out of upcoming cars, but I haven't added horsepower or torque, since Ford still hasn't published those figures. 2019-11-01 16:01
1997-2007 Xiali TJ7100AU-TJ7101U-TJ7130AU-TJ7131U
CeilingHamster wrote What the hell is the deal with that name?

I think it's four different cars that look the same, the first two with a 1.0 engine, the other two with a 1.3 engine.
Don't know if there is a better way to name them, like TJ-series or TJ71 or something?
2019-10-29 07:45
2017-2018 Subaru WRX STi
I think itís no longer sold in Europe. 2019-10-25 08:31
Yamaha Yamaha has confirmed at this Tokyo Motor Show that they will no longer attempt to create a sports car, and that they will leave the automotive sector altogether. So no more interesting concepts from them unfortunately. 2019-10-24 13:32
2019 Suzuki Jimny Survive
I edited some of the cars presented at Tokyo Auto Show this spring so they don't appear on the same page as cars presented at the Tokyo Motor Show that is happening at the moment. 2019-10-24 13:01
2019 Toyota LQ
Rinspeed wrote i see some others concept for Tokyo you do them Desscythe17, or i do them?

I will do them ;)
Let me know if I miss something.

-- Last edit: 2019-10-23 18:43:26
2019-10-23 18:10
2014-2019 Nissan e-NV200
This has disappeared from the Nissan JP website, so I assume it's discontinued. Can't find any news on its discontinuation however, so it might return. 2019-10-19 10:57
1969 Dodge Charger Daytona [B-Body]
HQMonaro1972 wrote Wouldn't this technically be linked to the R/T instead of the normal model?

I'd say both, for good measure.
2019-10-18 16:48
Since 2019 Genesis G90
For some reason this car already went on sale in Canada, it's also expected to release in the US by the end of this year.

-- Last edit: 2019-10-18 11:49:32
2019-10-18 11:49
2016-2019 Toyota Estima Aeras Mk.III
Maki wrote The Estima will be discontinued on October 17th 2019.

I already discontinued it, seeing as it has disappeared from the Toyota website.
2019-10-12 12:12
2001-2003 Ford Falcon V8 Ute Racing [AU]
Lancia wrote If I recall, the Windsor engine was used in the roadgoing Ford GT.

The Windsor V8 was used in tons of different Fords.

2019-10-11 20:22
Since 2019 Ford Escape MkIV [C2]
carcrasher88 wrote This can be moved out of Upcoming Cars, these are already on dealer lots here in the US.

I would love to take it out of upcoming cars, but like with the new Explorer, Ford is taking its sweet time releasing the official specifications for this car. Apparently selling a product without providing customers of accurate information is just fine with Ford...
2019-10-10 08:27
1994-1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupť Mk.III [J-Body]
CeilingHamster wrote Pretty sure this was sold as a Hyundai in the UK.

I think you are mistaking it with the Hyundai Coupť/Tiburon, which is unrelated.
2019-10-10 08:22
2019 Toyota e-Palette
More of a "vehicle" than a "car", I've added it anyway since it's a concept.

Toyota plans to use these autonomous vehicles during the Olympic Games of 2020, to transport visitors.
2019-10-09 17:45
2019 Daihatsu Waku Waku
Probably a prototype for the next generation Daihatsu Wake. 2019-10-08 17:47
1977-1979 Mazda Luce Legato Hardtop (Luce Hardtop) Series III
CeilingHamster wrote Are we sure that the 2.0 is less powerful than the 1.3? (I assume thats litres)

Itís correct, the 1.1 and 1.3 are rotary engines. Those generally have a very small displacement, but are more powerful than a much bigger conventional engine.
2019-09-30 06:44
Since 2018 Ford Transit Connect MkII [Global C]
carcrasher88 wrote https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a28337911/ford-transit-connect-diesel-dead/

The diesel option can be removed, as it has been cancelled. AWD is new for the 2020 model year, though.

I deleted the diesel engine. Can't find any info so far about the AWD though.
2019-09-28 22:26
HQMonaro1972 wrote

Did this man just say they don't lOOK DIFFERENT ENOUGH? or SPECIAL ENOUGH?

Desscythe, with all due respect, that's a bit dumb.

They're different packages with their own performance statistics and differences from the originals. And if you want to hit me with the whole "tHeY dOnT loOk dIFfErEnT" thing, why do all the packages for the Camaros have different pages? Or the ones for the previous Trans Ams?
Regardless I'm already getting stuff put together to make their own pages, so :/

Alright, calm down there.

Generally speaking, we don't make separate pages for cars when they are visually extremely similar to another car sold in the same market. Older Trans Ams have different bumpers, lights, etc. from the normal Firebirds. For the 92-02 model, this is no longer the case. They might have a different hood or something, but other than that, they don't really look different. Therefore, it's not necessary to create a page for every single version of the car. If they have different engines, we can just compile those on one page instead to keep the website from becoming terribly cluttered.

The 70-73 Camaro I divided in a couple of pages because they all had very different facias. After 73, there is just a page for the regular Camaro and the Z/28 or IROC-Z.
2019-09-24 22:24
HQMonaro1972 wrote Formula: 1985-1990, 1990-1992
Trans Am: 1992-1997(also please change the pictures of that, they're both of Trans Ams not Firebirds), 1997-2002

I don't think the 92-02 generation looks different enough as a Trans Am to warrant separate pages. Also don't think the Formula looks special enough.

-- Last edit: 2019-09-24 18:24:33
2019-09-24 18:24
HQMonaro1972 wrote For the versions that don't have them, I'm going to be making separate pages for packages for the Firebirds(like Trans Ams, Formulas). Because of this, after the pages are made, is it possible to remove the engines exclusive to those models?

The Trans Am already has mostly separate pages. What other versions need their own pages?
2019-09-24 17:57
2016-2019 Infiniti QX30
Maki wrote A few notes on this thing:
-It's based on the Mercedes-Benz GLA, so its origin should be Germany.
-Production ceased already AFAIK.

- It uses the same platform and engines, but it's not just a rebadged GLA, so origin: Japan.
- It's still for sale on the Infiniti USA website.
2019-09-23 07:36
1991-1992 GMC Syclone [GMT325]
@HQMonaro this was officially sold in Australia? 2019-09-18 23:17
1991-1993 GMC Typhoon [GMT330]
HQMonaro1972 wrote I was about to make a page on this tomorrow, guess ya beat me to it :P

It has been here for a while, I just updated it.
2019-09-18 23:16
HQMonaro1972 wrote

Specifics for engines and transmissions. I worked on Commodores quite a bit so I'm covered for those, but the stuff like Kingswoods, Monaros and the like are a bit rusty on me. By specifics I mean horses, torque, and what years they were available in them.

I ain't trusting Wikipedia. :/

Try automobile-catalog, they seem to have a lot of info on Holdens.
2019-09-16 06:46
HQMonaro1972 wrote Do you guys realize how much of a problem it is that we're missing the entire 1970s?
Like seriously, I'd already have it half complete, but I don't know if my information is hefty enough to make pages for cars, so if I could get any assistance from you gentlemen it would be appreciated.

Why is it a problem? There are few people contributing to this website, and lots of cars out there, so there is bound to be missing cars.
What kind of assistance do you need?
2019-09-16 00:23
Tecnodom Fiat Tipo TCR
CeilingHamster wrote
Surely by this point, it has been built though? We go off production years for US cars, why not this?

Actually for US cars we use the year it goes for sale. Production sometimes starts even earlier.
2019-09-13 07:52
Since 2019 Mazda 3
Mazda's long-awaited Skyactiv-X engine will be released in December 2019. 2019-09-12 15:57
2006-2008 Toyota Rush
CeilingHamster wrote I think this was sold in the UK/Europe but under a different name.

As Daihatsu Terios, yes.
2019-09-07 09:16

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