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You can send new pictures or information by clicking on 'Add ...' on a page (you have to be registered and logged in). For comments related to a car or a make, or to correct an error in the info listed, please use the Add Comment form displayed at the bottom of each car/make page or edit by clicking on 'Edit ...' (you have to be registered and logged in for that).

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What is the purpose of this site?
This site attempts to list all the cars in the world.
Why does Web Car Story appear to be the same as IGCD or IMCDB?
Web Car Story uses the same code base as IGCD which itself is derived from IMCDB.
Who made this site? How can I help you?
The content of the site is the result of the cooperative work of several people that like cars. There are few administators, of course, but anybody can contribute to the site by sending new pictures or new information (see here for help), or by adding comments about cars or makes.
Where do the pictures come from?
Pictures come from a variety of sources, some directly taken from members while some are official pictures. It is possible that some pictures were taken on other sites. In this case if the owner of the picture does not want their picture on this site, please let us know and we will delete the picture as soon as possible.
Next to my nickname, I have some points. What are they?
It is your score of contributions. For each picture, you get 5 points and for each piece of information 1 point (it is possible that your information has to be validated, so your points will be validated at the same time).