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1978-1990 Trabant 601 Tramp

Presentation: ?

Total Production: ~900

Design: ?

Class: Off-road / SUV — Origin: DR

Predecessor: ?

Successor: Trabant 1.1 Tramp

Other bodystyles: 1980-1990 Trabant 601, 1980-1990 Trabant 601 Universal, Trabant 601, Trabant 601 Universal

Other models: Army/Border patrol version

Similar cars: ?

Made for:


Made in: Zwickau DR

Informations provided by : JFK

Return Trabant
1978-1990 Trabant 601 Tramp

1978-1990 Trabant 601 Tramp

Technical Data

600 26hp / 19kW 4MT Front Wheel Drive 1978-1990


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JFK CZ (502)

2015-09-13 15:43


It was made before 1979 too, but as a car for hunters and border guards (you know, east bloc and iron curtain times). Its name was Kübelwagen and it was made also with the civilian Tramp, proably to the 1989, when commies in DDR fell.

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