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Since 2019 Motor Sponsor Citroën C1 Troféu
Ford78 wrote This is a Portuguese Citroen C1 Trophy Race which will start on April 2019.

Sources- www.razaoautomovel.com/2019/02/como-transformar-um-citroen-c1-num-carro-de-corridas?fbclid=IwAR051ltD5RkdXQOw6U58-ZLw760wfdHro-SV3pRu4GJgND_cuUObgzbBOZI

This seems as normal car...
2019-02-20 23:42
2005 Thunderbolt Long
2005 or since 2005? 2019-02-20 22:53
Since 2019 Racing Point RP19 Mercedes-Benz
Mark0 wrote Still no idea about origin. It will either be UK or Canada.

2019-02-14 11:04
1991-1993 Sao Penza
JFK wrote Wait was there a green dot for France? If so, that was a mistake.

yes i had change it
2019-02-09 19:52
1991-1993 Sao Penza
SolanaBogon wrote Available in France? Also shouldn't Sao be an English rather than a South African brand?

i never see that car in France...
2019-02-08 13:08
2015 Aston Martin DB10
Scalextrix isn't a model make. It's for playing with electric track 2019-02-02 18:42
2004-2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon [BP]
Are you sure that almost of paint are pearlescent? 2019-02-02 09:26
Since 2018 Honda S660 Neo Classic
Desscythe17 wrote
It's OK.

2019-02-01 11:37
Since 2018 Honda S660 Neo Classic
Desscythe17 wrote This is not really a new car sold by Honda. It's rather an accessory kit sold by Honda Access (Honda's accessories shop) for owners of a Honda S660 who want to make it look like this.

Desscythe17, can you verify this please? www.webcarstory.com/voiture.php?id=32585

-- Last edit: 2019-02-01 10:08:24
2019-02-01 10:08
2019 WRC-2: World Rally Championship
Problem with Manuel Villa, pic of a Fabia but name of Fiesta... 2019-02-01 10:00
Tot Curses
Ford78 wrote I have a question.

Isn't Alex Aguirregaviria's Land Cruiser the same as the following source car? I found that his car was prepared by Tot Curses.

Sources- www.dakar.com/en/competitor/404

no idea, not the same plate

-- Last edit: 2019-01-27 15:28:38
2019-01-27 15:28
Since 2019 Alexis Hernandez Racing Yamaha YXZ 1000R Turbo T1.3
it's not best to do a Yamaha YXZ 1000R page as some teams use it? 2019-01-25 18:58
Since 2019 MS2 Racing Volkswagen Amarok V6
engine? 2019-01-23 22:13
2019 Dakar Rally
Ford78 wrote Mauricio Salazar Velasquez drove under MS2 Racing and not Pro Raid Peru.

Pro Raid Peru from the official website Dakar.com
2019-01-23 22:13
1959-1960 De Soto Fireflite Hardtop (Adventurer Hardtop) Series III
Desscythe17 wrote Weird error, whenever I add a car to this brand, it shows DeSoto (which is correct), but when the car is added it says De Soto (which is wrong), and I can't fix it.

Perhaps an automatic correction. I will see that
2019-01-21 18:25
2019 Latvia: Rally Championship
Problem with link of Polo GTI 2019-01-20 20:08
2019 Estonia: Rally Championship
Ford78 wrote Source- www.ewrc-results.com/season/2019/35-estonia/

Just a thing, we said in the past, that we simplify the national championships (if there is a long list) with only the 30 first at the championship.
Also, you do always Dakar cars or not? There is the Ssangyong Rexton DKR to do. I let it to you or i do it?
2019-01-20 11:54
Since 2019 Geely SMG Buggy
Ford78 wrote
I'm trying to find more information, but it is being harder to find than expected.

By the way, I think that the 2018 version of Geely SMG Buggy is the following source...


there are others versions of the 2018 buggy on the SMG website
2019-01-15 19:22
Since 2019 Geely SMG Buggy
Ford78 if you have more information about this car... 2019-01-15 19:10
2018 Cross Country Rally World Cup
Ford78 wrote
The classification does not contain drivers finished in podium. For example, there are no 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed drivers on Baja Portalegre...

They hadn't compete for the FIA Championship so they have no points. All the big team weren't go to the Baja Portalegre.
2019-01-13 13:54
2018 Cross Country Rally World Cup
Ford78 wrote The classification is incomplete...

2019-01-13 13:43
2019 Africa Eco Race
Ford78 wrote Jean-Hugues Moneyron is from Senegal.

The Africa Eco Race 2019 is over, as Stage 12 of tommorrow won't count for the Final Classification of this race. Stage 11 was won by Jean-Noel Julien ahead of David Gerard and Yves Fromont. Jean-Pierre Strugo is overall winner ahead of David Gerard and Jean-Noel Julien. Elisabete Jacinto became first portuguese driver ever to win the Trucks Category ahead of Noel Essers and Johan Elfrink.

Source- 2019.africarace-live.com/fichiers/classement.php?etape=11§eur=2&categorie=cartruck&type_clt=overall&lang=fr

For JH Moneyron, they do a mistake in the classification. You can see that in the entrant list or others website. He's from France
2019-01-13 10:09
2019 Africa Eco Race
Ford78 wrote Is So, is Gaz Gazelle Next Rally Raid allowed to be added on WCS? Or is it a no-no for it? Just to make sure.

Not for me
2019-01-10 20:13
2019 Africa Eco Race
Ford78 wrote I don't know what is going wrong with this classification of Stage 7. The official website says that Jean-Pierre Strugo took the lead.

Yes, i have a doubt yesterday about that but there is a spectacular accident beetween Dominique Laure and Sergey Kuprianov See here at 4:26: www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=255&v=FYsD9YYYHm8
I will update the results next hours.
2019-01-09 13:41
2016-2018 Alfa Romeo MiTo
Desscythe17 wrote Did it finish sales in 2018?

this is always as 4C in Alfa french website...
2019-01-08 21:00
Since 2013 Alfa Romeo 4C
i don't know if it's really ended. JFK you hadn't change the colors years also. 2019-01-08 20:54
2019 Dakar Rally
Ford78 wrote Rinspeed, can I put the Stage 2 results? They are on Dakar's official website.

i hadn't see your message but i do it
2019-01-08 20:35
2018 Silk Way Rally
Desscythe17 wrote
The normal commercial vehicle, of course not. But the rally raid version also shouldn't be added to WCS?

For me it's more a truck
2019-01-04 15:15
2018 Silk Way Rally
Ford78 wrote
Very strange... I don't think that the GAZ 23107 could be added to Webcarstory...

no, it's not for WCS
2019-01-04 13:09
2018 Silk Way Rally
Ford78 wrote Isn't GAZ 23107 a Rally Raid Truck?

yes but they put it in the auto classification...
2019-01-04 12:12
2019 Africa Eco Race
Ford78 wrote
Ok, thanks. Where did you get the 2019 Africa Eco Race Pictures?

Facebook Africa Eco Race pics
2019-01-03 23:41
2019 Africa Eco Race
Ford78 wrote Can we put all cars results in Africa Eco Race 2019 like we do in Dakar?

No it's not necessary. Africa Eco Race isn't a big race as the Dakar.
2019-01-03 23:31
1982 Citroën Visa Lotus
?? 2019-01-02 09:48
1996-1999 Renault Mégane Quadra 4x4
Happy New Year! 2019-01-01 11:08
2018 France: Andros Trophy: Elite Pro
I think it's the first championship where electric cars won against equivalent petrol cars 2018-12-31 17:36
1971-1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Sedan Series V [C-Body]
Desscythe17 wrote The 69-73 Plymouth Fury is a bit difficult to properly list on WCS. The Fury I/Fury II models have different taillights compared to the more upscale Fury III/Sport Fury/Fury Gran Sedan/Coupe.

I separated the Sport/Gran models from the rest since they have hidden headlights as a standard option. However, for 1971 hidden headlights were optional on Fury III and I believe also Fury II models, and for 1972 hidden headlights were optional on all other models.

It's therefore possible to find for example Fury III models with the same front as the car listed on this page.

Can you verify this two cars please?
2018-12-29 18:01
1998-2001 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution
Ford78 wrote
Ok, thanks.

So, if the Mitsubishi Pajero Evo here is for T2 version, then should I add a T1 engine on this page here? Or should I create a sepparate page for Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution T1?

As you want
2018-12-06 20:52
1998-2001 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution
Ford78 wrote I have a question. Is this Rally Raid Car intended for T2 Ameillorés class? Is because there is another version of this car, which is T1.TT DE SERIE/T1.3 ESSENCE MARATHON.

Should I add a T1 version of this car here on Webcarstory?

it's more the T2 version here yes
2018-12-06 19:04
1933-1934 Rühr 8 Typ F (13/75 PS)
CeilingHamster wrote This page seems corrupted. This needs fixing!!

??? i don't see a problem...
2018-12-04 18:46
2001-2003 Suzuki Aerio (Liana)
CeilingHamster wrote Why was this sold in all of Europe except France? Is there a mistake or is there a reason for this?

France don't like small 4 doors
2018-11-27 21:12
Since 2018 Ford Focus Active
Desscythe17 wrote Would it be possible to get rid of the Design vote feature on WCS?
It's unused on most cars on the website, and the ones where it is used, just one person votes. Maybe two once in a while.
It doesn't mean anything, other than the opinion of a few people out there.

yes i will do it when i can in the future.
2018-11-22 18:24
1981-1983 De Lorean DMC-12
CeilingHamster wrote Can I put die-casts of the back to the future time machine on this page or is it too far from the stock car to count?

you can
2018-11-10 15:58
Since 2018 Jaguar I-Pace Mk.I [D7e]
Desscythe17 wrote
Should we maybe update the category to Off-Road/SUV/Crossover?
It makes a lot of cars which aren't really SUVs but called that way by their manufacturer easier to identify.

why not. I will do it in the future i think.
2018-11-04 10:02
Since 2015 GMC Sierra Limited (Sierra) Mk.III [GMTK2XX]
what are the engine always in production? 2018-11-03 12:03
Since 2015 Chevrolet Silverado LD (Silverado) Mk.III [GMTK2XX]
what are the engine always in production? 2018-11-03 12:03
Since 2018 Jaguar I-Pace Mk.I [D7e]
CeilingHamster wrote Why is this listed as off-road/SUV? It looks like a hatchback, in person and in pictures.

because Jaguar said that it's a SUV.
2018-10-29 09:05
SolanaBogon wrote Can I add the Chonji Light Van as 2013-2016, because those are confirmed years of manufacture, even if this vehicle might still be in production?

non désolé on cherche à savoir la réalité. Ca m'étonne qu'il n'y ait pas un site officiel pour en savoir plus.
2018-10-28 23:06
2009-2012 Aston Martin One-77
CeilingHamster wrote For the model cars section, are we drawing a distinction between models and toys?
I have a Hotwheels version of this (and many others) but I am not sure if I should add them or not.

you can add it if it's Hotwheels
2018-10-25 20:28
Since 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn
CeilingHamster wrote I'm new to this site and I know this may seem like a dumb question, but how do I prove I have spotted one of these? Do I need to upload a new picture or am I missing a button?

you have the pic?
2018-10-25 17:19
2014-2017 Škoda Octavia Classic Series II [Typ 1Z]
JFK wrote This isnt in production no more, but i cant find when it ended.

i don't have the answer also
2018-10-20 19:10

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