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Cupra Cupra or CUPRA? 2018-02-23 11:24
1979-1980 Ford Bronco MkIII
Desscythe17 wrote
Agreed, but with BMW, I would list the engine something like 750i (4.4 BMW etc etc).

I was thinking of maybe doing something like 4.9 Ford Windsor "5.0"?

Not a bad idea.
2018-01-31 12:25
1979-1980 Ford Bronco MkIII
I think we should list them as 5.0
Like BMW is amrketing their cars as 750 but car have 4.4 engine.
2018-01-31 10:29
1957 Aurora
I think that name should be only Aurora. With no model name. 2018-01-19 22:31
2015 Aston Martin DB10
Happy New Year! 2018-01-01 10:04
2014-2017 Chrysler 200 Series II [CUSW]
Yeah. Just like you said Chrysler is sinking ship for many years.
But this is no way for them to get going again.

But again customers who are buying the cars are the key. And just like I said before 70% of them have no idea about cars, they just buying them because A) They heard that make is good or B) Someone on internet i am fan of is driving that car, so I must drive it too.

Here is the quote from Tucker: The Man and His Dream movie. "And one day, we're gonna find ourselves at the bottom of the heap, instead of king of the hill, having no idea how we got there; buying our radios and our cars from our former enemies!" This is Tucker speech to the jury back in 50's when he was in the court, and the jury laughed at that comment, and look what car is best seller in US.
If the US let smaller manufacturers come with new ideas, instead of focusing on 'Big Three' they will still be on the top of vehicle industry.
2017-12-30 11:19
2014-2017 Chrysler 200 Series II [CUSW]
"It was discontinued due to lack of profitability and as the result of FCA’s strategy of exclusively manufacturing trucks in North America."

FCA have some very brigh leadership. Mixing US and Italian isn't good thing. Cadillac Allante and Chrysler TC for example.
Damn it, Fiat is most common car in Serbia, they have factory here, but people don't like them and are only buying them for low prices.

-- Last edit: 2017-12-29 19:44:33
2017-12-29 19:44
Since 2017 Nissan Skyline MkXIII
Klumb3r wrote :??:

If you mean that this is sedan, Well original Skyline was 4-door sedan, so this is just continuation of that trend.
2017-12-22 11:16
MG Is the MG 7 still in production? 2017-12-17 15:32
Since 2014 Datsun on-DO
Rinspeed wrote someone have ideas for new questions for main page??

I will add few on Monday.
2017-12-15 18:04
2017 WTCC: World Touring Car Championship
Mieguy will you finish this? 2017-12-10 14:42
2017 WTCC: World Touring Car Championship
TC1 was stupidest idea you ever introduced...
2017-12-07 14:10
2017 WRC: World Rally Championship
Ford78 wrote There is a problem: Nathan Quinn did not score points for WRC, as his Lancer is a Australian Rally National Car.

The driver who got 4 points was Richie Dalton from Ireland. He drove a Skoda Fabia R5.

Thanks. Fixed.

I gotta find that idiot who come with bright idea that guest drivers can't score the points...
2017-12-05 10:32
2014-2015 Porsche 918 Spyder
Is this still in production?
Wikipedia say that production ended in June 2015 as scheduled.
2017-12-02 18:45
Since 2018 Nissan Kicks
carcrasher88 wrote Replacement for the Juke, highly underpowered, with a naturally aspirated 1.6 that produces 125hp and 115 lb-ft of torque, pretty much all of it's competition here in the US has more power, with some models getting as good or in some cases better fuel economy.

Nice looking vehicle, but it's engine will likely make this vehicle less popular than it's predecessor...and it's guaranteed to be much more boring to drive.

I think that 70% of car buyers doesn't know anything about cars, let alone if it's better or faster than other version. Buying new car is like buying anything new, it's popular.
2017-11-30 11:33
2016 Nissan STCC Edition
Desscythe17 wrote Better front? goo.gl/Je6jDG

Yeah. You are free to add it.
2017-11-28 21:32
2012-2017 Dodge SRT Viper Series III
Still in production? 2017-11-26 19:54
2017 WTCC: World Touring Car Championship
Fixed 2017-10-31 20:06
2017 WTCC: World Touring Car Championship
Mieguy wrote Oops.

Entered it now, but despite me adding it correctly, its incorrectly displayed as having 0 points. I am confused.

Try to add it again if you can't edit it.
2017-10-31 13:04
2017 WTCC: World Touring Car Championship
RabWCS wrote Mieguy, you forgot de Souza from Ningbo.

Yes. de Souza also raced at Motegi.
2017-10-31 11:56
2017 Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo
Desscythe17 wrote
As far as I know, the company went bankrupt and the name is still owned by the same family.

OK. Thanks.
2017-10-26 15:20
2017 Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo
Desscythe17 wrote
Apparently the company name is now IsoRivolta. Zagato explicitly states the car is a hommage to Iso Rivolta, but not that they worked together with the company, so I don't think they are involved in the development of this car.

So they are still privately owned?
2017-10-26 13:14
2017 Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo
Anyone know who is owner of Iso name now? 2017-10-26 11:37
1975-1991 Jaguar XJ-S
Should I list US version on separate page?
Only difference is front lights, but we listed Citroen SM on separate page.
Also there are different engines for US market.

-- Last edit: 2017-10-25 12:42:45
2017-10-25 12:34
2017 Honda Sports EV
What's going on with Japanese these days?
Another great looking car.
2017-10-25 10:44
2017 Subaru Viziv Performance
Great looking.
This is concept for new Impreza?
2017-10-25 10:43
2017 Mazda Vision Coupe
This is great looking car.
Hope for Rotary with RWD :)
2017-10-25 10:42
PGO Shame, I like their cars especially Hemera. 2017-10-07 22:42
2017 Daihatsu DN Compagno
Desscythe17 wrote Now this is an interesting concept for Daihatsu. It borrows its name from their very first proper car: www.webcarstory.com/voiture.php?id=24332

Let's hope it sees a production version, as it's not a kei car. Planned engines are a 1.3 Hybrid and 1.0 Turbo.

Great looking car.
2017-10-06 10:31
1956 Renault Etoile Filante
Fuel should be LPG? 2017-10-04 21:44
2010 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
I think that it's good idea to create Trackday or Race Track only class, since more and more car's aren't legal for road use.
This, Zonda R, Vulcan... are only for track day, no race class for them and they are illegal for road use.
2017-09-28 17:13
Since 2018 Holden Commodore Supercars [ZB]
Desscythe17 wrote
You could see it as an Insignia with a V8 engine and RWD, which doesn't sound that bad.

Yeah, but shame that street versions of Insignia and Commodore with RWD and V8 are no go.
2017-09-23 10:00
Since 2018 Holden Commodore Supercars [ZB]
New racing Insignia, i mean Commodore first real pictures 2017-09-22 20:40
2017 Mercedes-AMG Project One
Look like some bored designer made car for GTA Online... 2017-09-14 21:52
2017 Honda Urban EV
Looks great :) 2017-09-14 21:51
2017 Italy: Italian Touring Car Championship: TCR
Thanks. ACISport site is confusing sometimes, some teams have names and some doesn't. Giacon Civic have Tecnodom written all over it, but I didn't saw small MM Motorsport so I taught it's Tecnodom. :)

-- Last edit: 2017-09-13 10:20:16
2017-09-13 10:19
2014-2016 Teamwork Motorsport Citroën C-Elysee CTCC
You can add them if you want.
When I first added these cars there were new, and there was low number of pictures, that's the reason.
2017-09-10 09:11
2017 Russia: Russian Circuit Racing Series: TCR Russian Touring Car Championship
You are right. My mistake. 2017-08-15 09:11
2017 China: TCR China Touring Car Championship
RabWCS wrote Good question. Unfortunately, I don't know, actually the only certain source is TouringCarTimes and it doesn't tell more than the results you wrote. I think we have to wait for the next TCR Magazine.

ok. Thanks
2017-08-15 09:10
2017 China: TCR China Touring Car Championship
Rab do you know where I can find results and points data for this championship? Thanks in advance. 2017-08-13 11:28
2017 Germany: ADAC TCR Germany Touring Car Championship
RabWCS wrote According to the timing data, in the third round (Oschersleben 2) Markert ran for ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg, so Prosport Performance.

Maybe it's mistake. I just checked pictures and videos from the event and Markert car was in sam pit as Kramwinkel (GermanFLAVOURS) and side of his car also say GermanFLAVOURS.
2017-08-10 08:56
Since 2017 BAIC Senova D50 TCR
Is there new street version of D50?
On WCS only this one is listed, and front is different
2017-08-09 12:23
Since 2017 Land-Rover Range Rover Velar
I think it's between Discovery and Range Sport. It's smaller than Range Sport. 2017-08-09 08:40
1957 Aurora
Desscythe17 wrote Is it safe though, when it looks like it eats pedestrians?

There was no crash tests back then, I and don't think someone wanted to be test subject :D
2017-08-04 19:49
1957 Aurora
Rinspeed wrote what is that??

Some Priest made this as safest car in the world back in 1957
2017-08-04 18:14
Since 2016 Abarth 595
Rinspeed wrote Little improvement for WCS for the limited/special series: You can add now pics for details of specific equipements:
Example: www.webcarstory.com/limited.php?id=401 or www.webcarstory.com/limited.php?id=408

2017-08-01 18:54
2007-2010 Volkswagen GLI [Typ 1K]
Rinspeed wrote
yes but what is it? a Jetta GLi? What is the engine?

Well it's sold in US and it was called only GLI. Engine is 2.5 R5
2017-07-28 18:11
2007-2010 Volkswagen GLI [Typ 1K]
We still accept most powerful version of cars? 2017-07-28 11:45
1989-1991 Porsche 944 S2
I don't know if this will be accepted by it's S2 with biggest 3.0 engine (but not most powerful 944). 2017-07-28 11:40
Since 2018 Mini TCR
Rinspeed wrote so why don't you put cars as coming soon?

I forgot that we have that option :)
I will change them.
2017-07-26 18:16

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