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1994-1999 Aston Martin DB7

Presentation: Geneva 1993

Total Production: ?

Design: Ian Callum

Class: Coupé — Origin: UK

Predecessor: ?

Successor: Aston Martin DB7

Other bodystyles: ?

Other models: ?

Similar cars: ?

Made for:


Made in: Bloxham UK

Informations provided by : fck , Rinspeed , CeilingHamster , Desscythe17

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1994-1999 Aston Martin DB7

1994-1999 Aston Martin DB7

1994-1999 Aston Martin DB7

Technical Data

3.2 340hp / 250kW 5MT Rear Wheel Drive 1994-1999
3.2 Automatic 340hp / 250kW 4AT Rear Wheel Drive 1994-1999


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Comments about this car


JFK CZ (502)

2016-03-27 16:48


That embarrasing moment when you realise that rear lamps from your Aston are from discounted hatchback. Can you figure out from what car are they?

Mark0 RB (1649)

2016-03-27 17:19


Mazda 323F?

JFK CZ (502)

2016-03-27 17:21


Mark0 wrote Mazda 323F?

Haha youre right :) 90s Astons were pretty much made from cheap car parts.

Mark0 RB (1649)

2016-03-27 17:30


Like Eaprit V8. But that don't stop him to faster than Diablo on track :)

JFK CZ (502)

2016-03-27 17:53


Mark0 wrote Like Eaprit V8. But that don't stop him to faster than Diablo on track :)

Aston had more money to throw around than Lotus I belive, so it is odd that they used cheap car parts :)

Desscythe17 NL (10317)

2016-03-27 18:03


British sports cars have always used lots of parts from other cars until the mid-2000s (especially the small independant brands). Perhaps the whole country's automotive industry was infected by British Leyland's practices.

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