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2019 Portugal: Hill Climb Championship
Round #1's results- www.demoporto.com/images/provas/2019/RampaPenha/3-Resultados/CPM/10-%20Classifica%C3%A7%C3%A3o%20final%20oficial%20CPM.pdf 2019-05-09 15:46
2016-2017 Seat León TCR
I have a question.

Is this car count as Seat Leon MK3 Supercopa? Or is it just a TCR Car? I'm asking because I see "Cup" engines.

-- Last edit: 2019-05-09 14:59:54
2019-05-09 14:59
2019 Finland: Rally Championship (SM2 Class- Tuotanto4)
Rinspeed wrote Ford78, i don't think we need all the categories for Finland Rally. Please erase some (and also car >20th position for 2019 National rallies championships)

Alright, will work on it now.
2019-04-15 19:58
Rinspeed wrote
An example:

Ford78 are you ok with that also?

I'm ok with that...
2019-04-15 09:55
Rinspeed wrote For championships, i think we have some rules to change:
What are the most important championships we have to do?
Most Important International Championships: All the cars (except if there is an amount of cars like WRC) listed
Others International Championships + Continental Championships: Only Cars with points listed and at least 5 cars in the championship?
National Championships: 20 better cars in the championship (except if it's a championship with 20/30 cars) and at least 10 cars in the championship?

2 reasons for this: a lot of subcategories for a lot of championships that aren't very useful and doing a long list in the search list. Second reason; a lot of pics in national championships (cars > 20 positions) without pics.

I said also a logo for the championships but why not also add resume video from youtube also like we had do for advertising in cars page?

Your opinions (specially Mark0 and Ford78 that used a lot the championships)?

Adding a logo for the championships would be good for my opinion. :)

Well, in my opinion, if about 10-20 cars in the championship, then that would be good for me.
2019-04-12 23:17
2019 Netherlands: Rally Championship
Sources: www.knaf.nl/images/2019/Rally/Tussenstanden_2019/19-3/tussenstand_ONRK_2019.pdf
2019-03-22 10:33
1996-1999 Suzuki Baleno N3
Source- www.geocities.ws/MotorCity/Downs/4603/kabel.html 2019-02-22 21:15
2007-2011 Honda Civic Type R A7 [FN]
Sources- www.rally24.com/rally-cars-for-sale/honda-civic-type-r-fn2-gr-a-fin-r-34456.html
2019-02-22 18:20
2007-2011 Honda Civic Type R N3 [FN]
Source- www.racedandrallied.com/rally-cars-for-sale/2011-rally-honda-civic-type-r-fn2 2019-02-22 18:11
2019 JWRC: Junior World Rally Championship
Is this car from following link the same as the pictures of drivers's Ford Fiesta R2T?


I heard that there was another facelift for Ford Fiesta R2T.
2019-02-22 00:24
2009-2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX R4
Source- www.rally24.fr/rallye-voitures-a-vendre/mitsubishi-lancer-evo-r-35387.html 2019-02-21 00:53
2005-2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX A8
Source- mikadoracing.com/index.php?action=DETAILLER&id_annonce=1830409 2019-02-21 00:49
Since 2019 Motor Sponsor Citroën C1 Troféu
Rinspeed wrote
This seems as normal car...

It seemed a normal car to me as well, but the difference is that this car has Rollcage included which is mandatory to Trophy.
2019-02-21 00:23
2001-2006 Honda Civic Type R A7 [EP9]
Source- www.autobelle.it/it/a/Vendo_Honda_Civic_Type_R_EP3_GR_A_Rally_183151.xhtml 2019-02-21 00:18
Since 2019 Motor Sponsor Citroën C1 Troféu
This is a Portuguese Citroen C1 Trophy Race which will start on April 2019.

Sources- www.razaoautomovel.com/2019/02/como-transformar-um-citroen-c1-num-carro-de-corridas?fbclid=IwAR051ltD5RkdXQOw6U58-ZLw760wfdHro-SV3pRu4GJgND_cuUObgzbBOZI
2019-02-20 23:30
2019 Norway: Rally Championship (Class 2)
Source- www.ewrc-results.com/season/2019/?nat=4 2019-02-18 23:57
2019 FIA RGT Cup
This is the best picture that I could get at the moment. Some of pictures at WRC will most likely end on being replaced after the Rally Sweden has been completed. 2019-02-01 00:44
Tot Curses I have a question.

Isn't Alex Aguirregaviria's Land Cruiser the same as the following source car? I found that his car was prepared by Tot Curses.

Sources- www.dakar.com/en/competitor/404
2019-01-27 13:55
2019 Finland: Rally Championship (SM1 Class- Super 4)
There is a Finnish Rally Cup, which is a Suomi Cup. Want me to do the Suomi Rally Cup as well?

Source- www.rallism.fi/content/fi/1/20153/Pisteet.html
2019-01-27 12:22
Since 2017 Century Racing CR6
Sources- www.centuryracing.co.za/cr6/
2019-01-26 14:58
Since 2015 Century Racing CR-T
Source- www.centuryracing.co.za/cr-t-3/
2019-01-26 14:52
2014-2016 Century Racing CR5
Rinspeed, the Century Racing CR5 was built on 2014 and ended its line on 2016.

Source- www.rally24.com/rally-cars-for-sale/century-racing-cr-40546.html

A combination of years of research and development has been used to produce the ultimate 2wd Rally raid vehicle. The custom made CR5 makes its international debut at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in April and has its goals set on a strong finish in the 2015 Dakar rally.

The team completes another two CRX6 race cars that are delivered to Russia and being raced in FIA races. The team begins construction on the CR5, an evolution of the CR4 using all the knowledge learnt from Dakar 2012 to return with a stronger and faster car. Century racing continues to race in the local series with Ernest and Guy sharing the drive in the CR2, Colin in the CR3 and Mark in the CR4."
2019-01-26 14:45
2008-2010 Century Racing CR1
From the official page from Century Racing:

In 2009, the CR1’s turbo engine was replaced with a Nissan V6 3.5, and straight away reliability improved on the car. It didn’t show the same speed it did previously, but it could keep it up all day long. Carnival City should have seen it winning its first race overall after leading and dominating the whole weekend, until a small wire broke and the engine died 80km from the finish line. Many poles for both cars, but very few converted to wins.

Back on the local racing scene, the CR1 debuted in the 1st race of 2008, with very limited testing. The car was a radical departure from the current special vehicles, featuring 4wd, rear transverse mounted 2L turbo engine and double wishbone suspension at the rear. The car was never really a success due to big lack of reliability. Raw pace was above the opposition but the car never made it to the finish line that year despite almost winning the 2nd race of the season. Later on that year, building of the CR2 started, our own Dakar car, driven by Ernest Corbett. Under the skin the two cars carried a lot of common components such as the suspension system. The CR2 had a difficult start, rolling in its 1st test session, but going on to win the 1st race it completed, the Sun City 400 later that year."

Source- www.centuryracing.co.za/history-2/
2019-01-26 14:22
Since 2015 MitJet Offroad
Source- www.offroad-racingserie.com/the-mitjet/
2019-01-25 22:39
2018 Dakar Rally
You forgot about Marco Piana (he was 36th overall). 2019-01-25 21:43
Since 2019 Alexis Hernandez Racing Yamaha YXZ 1000R Turbo T1.3
Rinspeed wrote it's not best to do a Yamaha YXZ 1000R page as some teams use it?

I found that Alexis Hernandez's Yamaha isn't the same car as Camelia Liparoti's car. The difference is that Alexis Hernandez's YXZ1000R is Turbo and it is on T1 Class, while Camelia Liparoti's car is YXZ1000R Standard is OP.3 and prepared by Yamaha Motor Europe. This car here was prepared by Alexis Hernandez's Team. The Source is from Dakar's official Website.

Yes, I will do the Yamaha YXZ1000R Standard version, I'm trying to find informations for this car.

-- Last edit: 2019-01-25 19:09:29
2019-01-25 19:05
2002 Portugal: Rally Championship
Updated the championship results with better information, with rally positions and also, Carlos Fulgêncio's car, as he used VW Golf III GTi A7 before he switched to Lancer Evo VI N4.

Source- www.ewrc-results.com/season/2002/?nat=18
2019-01-25 17:02
2011 Chiara Rally Team Volkswagen Amarok T2
This T2 Amarok Competed in only one Dakar, which was the Dakar Rally 2011. It was built by Chiara Rally Team with support from Volkswagen Argentina.

Source- www.chiararallyteam.com.ar/acerca-de/
2019-01-23 23:33
Since 2018 Alta Ruta 4x4 Mitsubishi L200 DKR
This car has competed on Dakar 2018 and Dakar 2019 editions on hands of Francisco León.

Source- elcomercio.pe/dakar/dakar-2018-presento-equipo-nacional-alta-ruta-4x4-noticia-480992
2019-01-23 23:20
Since 2019 MS2 Racing Volkswagen Amarok V6
Rinspeed wrote engine?

I could not find very much information for this car, however, this car is powered by a V6 Engine.

Sources: www.elcarrocolombiano.com/automovilismo/asi-llega-el-equipo-colombiano-ms2-racing-al-rally-dakar-2019/

And also, although that this car is on Pro Raid Team, this was built by MS2 Racing and it was used for 2019 Dakar Rally.

-- Last edit: 2019-01-23 22:37:48
2019-01-23 22:32
2019 Dakar Rally
Mauricio Salazar Velasquez drove under MS2 Racing and not Pro Raid Peru. 2019-01-23 21:58
Since 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport R+
Source- www.revistascratch.com/nacional-asfalto/noticia/suzuki-presenta-su-nuevo-swift-r-n5-43191 2019-01-22 19:19
2016-2018 Suzuki Swift R+
Source- www.autohebdosport.es/rallyes/suzuki-swift-n5-debutara-ourense 2019-01-22 19:06
Since 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S
This is the Suzuki Swift which has debuted on Rally Principe de Asturias with Gorka Antxustegi on 2018 to prepare the car for the 2019 season, as it will be the car for the 2019 Copa Suzuki Swift Spain.

Source- www.revistascratch.com/nacional-asfalto/noticia/suzuki-presenta-su-nuevo-swift-r-n5-43191
2019-01-22 18:48
Foj MPA Team From Team's official page:

In 2006, Toyota Spain decided to create a competition team, in order to test the limits of its new Land Cruiser KXR model. Since then, it has participated in every edition of the rally, managing to occupy podium places, in the T2 category, in all of them. From the 2011 edition, the team developed a new vehicle, the Land Cruiser 150.

In the 2012 edition of the Dakar rally, after an extremely hard race, starting from Mar del Plata and ending in Lima, and passing through Argentina, Chile and Peru, the team achieved victory for the first time.

Toyota then decided not to continue with the same team format it had maintained since 2006. The structure remained the same, but the name was changed to Foj MPA Team, with which it achieved its second consecutive victory in the T2 category of the Dakar rally.

The team returns to the classic structure for the Dakar 2017. Quim Rodón, who will be the chief of mechanics on road, and Nacho Santamaría, our co-pilot, have been in charge of toning up the car. New this year, the assistance is provided by Quadafons."

The Toyota Rally Raid Cars from 2013 onwards are built by Foj MPA Team.

Source- mpacomunicacion.com/desarrollo/fojmotorsport/team/?lang=en
2019-01-21 23:50
Since 2019 Foj MPA Team Toyota Land Cruiser T1
This is the Car driven by Xavier Foj which has competed on T1 Class for very first time. They finished 35th overall on Dakar 2019!

Sources- www.marca.com/motor/dakar/2018/12/28/5c267cf4468aebf12a8b45a0.html
2019-01-21 23:38
2018 Omar Gandara Dakar Team Prototipo MDQ1
First Prototipo made by Omar Gandara Dakar Team which has finished 40th overall on 2018 Dakar Rally.

Source- quedigital.com.ar/deportes/omar-gandara-y-su-sexto-dakar-deporte-pasion-y-adrenalina/
2019-01-21 22:54
Since 2019 Omar Gandara Dakar Team Prototipo MDQ2
Could not find very much information unfortunately, however, this is the 2nd prototype built by Omar Gandara, which has finished 44th overall in 2019 Dakar Rally. 2019-01-21 21:34
Since 2018 Neiksans Rally Sport Ford Fiesta N5
This is the car which currently are competing on Estonian Rally Championship.

Sources- www.motorsportauctions.com/category/331/National-Category-Rally-Cars/listings/41538/FORD-FIESTA-NRC-NEIKSANS-RALLY-CAR.html
2019-01-20 20:28
2019 Latvia: Rally Championship
Rinspeed wrote Problem with link of Polo GTI

Fixed, thanks!
2019-01-20 20:15
Since 2017 Kaur Motorsport Ford Fiesta Proto
Source- www.rallysales.com/ad/ford-fiesta-proto-rally-car/ 2019-01-20 19:00
Since 2019 Ssangyong Rexton DKR
Unmfortunately, I could not find the ammount of liters engine, however, I found that the engine is powered by V8.

Sources- www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motorsport/ssangyong-rexton-dkr-dakar-rally-challenger-launched
2019-01-20 12:21
2019 Estonia: Rally Championship
Rinspeed wrote
Just a thing, we said in the past, that we simplify the national championships (if there is a long list) with only the 30 first at the championship.
Also, you do always Dakar cars or not? There is the Ssangyong Rexton DKR to do. I let it to you or i do it?

Ah, sorry then. I'll delete the drivers from 31st to 43rd.

I can do the Ssangyong Rexton DKR. :)

-- Last edit: 2019-01-20 12:10:47
2019-01-20 12:05
2019 Latvia: Rally Championship
Source- www.ewrc-results.com/season/2019/56-latvia/ 2019-01-20 12:01
2019 Estonia: Rally Championship
Source- www.ewrc-results.com/season/2019/35-estonia/ 2019-01-20 11:48
Since 2015 Red-Lined Adventure Nissan Navara [D22]
Built by Red Lined Adventures, this car was run by South Racing Team in Dakar Rallies. It also ran in 2018 and 2019 Years! The car has 3 engines: 390 BHP (2015-16); 400 BHP (2017) and 440 BHP (Since 2018).

Sources- www.rallyraidnetwork.com/rrn/index.php/directory/racing-teams/racing-teams-cars/1071-red-lined-motoring-adventure.html
2019-01-19 15:24
Since 2017 Textron Wildcat XX
Although that this car competes in 2019 Dakar Rally with Robby Gordon, it runs since 2017. 2019-01-18 22:39
2019 Dakar Rally
First win ever for Toyota! 2019-01-17 22:24
2019 Austria: Historic Rally Championship
Source- www.austria-motorsport.at/wertungen 2019-01-17 19:14
Since 2018 Team Compagnie des Dunes Nissan Navara T1 [D22]
I couldn't find very much information about this car, however, I found that "Team Compagnie des Dunes" fielded two Nissan Navaras, both on T1 Class. This car isn't the same as the white one, as it has a different bumper. 2019-01-17 15:29

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