2007 France: Rally Championship (Asphalt)


1 FR 59ème Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières Rhône (20-21 April)
2 FR 23ème Rallye Alasce-Vosges - Ville d'Epinal (18-20 May)
3 FR 41ème Rallye Région Limousin (8-9 June)
4 FR 34ème Rallye du Rouergue Aveyron - Midi Pyrénées (6-8 July)
5 FR 59ème Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine (7-8 September)
6 FR 47ème Rallye du Touquet- Pas de Calais (28-30 September)
7 FR 50ème Critérium des Cevennes (2-3 November)
8 FR 53ème Rallye du Var (23-25 November)


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PT Ford78

2019-08-03 12:59
The reason why Jean-Marie Cuoq isn't in the list here in this championship is because although that Jean-Marie Cuoq was crowned champion in November 2007, his title was stripped at February 2nd 2008, as his co-driver David Marty used the notes from previous year's championship (2006) when they were doing the Rally du Var. As result, Jean-Marie Cuoq and David Marty were excluded from the championship results, stripped from 2007 French Asphalt Rally Championship (although that they were allowed to keep 2007 French Gravel Rally Championship title) and were suspended from FFSA License for 24 months (2 years). With that exclusion, Patrick Henry became 2007 French Asphalt Rally Champion.

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