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1995 Buick XP2000

Presentation: Los Angeles 1995

Total Production: ?

Design: ?

Class: Proto / Concept — Origin: US

Predecessor: ?

Successor: ?

Other bodystyles: ?

Other models: ?

Similar cars: ?

Made in: ?

Informations provided by : Desscythe17 , Rinspeed

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1995 Buick XP2000

1995 Buick XP2000

1995 Buick XP2000

Technical Data

5.0 V8 300hp / 221kW 5AT 1995

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carcrasher88 US (12)

2020-07-06 05:17


Interesting story about this concept. GM was looking to incorporate a Left-Hand Drive version of Holden's Commodore into the Buick lineup in the US, GM and Buick getting involved with the development of the VT Commodore.

This concept car was the result of it, after Holden was provided with the funds for necessary engineering changes. The project, called 'Project 127' was cancelled in early 1994, but Holden used what they learned from it, and not only did the styling of the XP2000 become the basis for the design of the VT, but also developed LHD versions of the VT for parts of mainland southeast Asia and the Middle East as the Chevrolet Lumina, and Brazil as the Chevrolet Omega.

And, in the long term, eventually led to the development of the Pontiac GTO, G8, Chevrolet SS and Caprice for the US market, LHD versions of the VZ Monaro, VE Commodore, VF Commodore, and WM/WN Caprice, respectively...and possibly playing a part in the creation of the Opel Omega based Cadillac Catera.

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