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1996-2010 Škoda Octavia (Octavia Tour) [Typ 1U]

Design: 12/20 (2 votes)

Presentation: Paris 1996

Total Production: ?

Design: Luc Donckerwolke

Class: Hatchback 5 doors — Origin: CZ

Predecessor: ?

Successor: Skoda Octavia

Other bodystyles: Octavia Combi, Octavia Long (Stretched liftback)

Other models: Octavia GT, Octavia RS

Similar cars: ?

Made for:


Made in: Aurangabad IN, Mlada Boleslav CZ, Solomonovo UA, Ust-Kamenogorsk KZ, Vchrlabi CZ

Informations provided by : fck , JFK , Rinspeed , Desscythe17 , carcrazedalex586 , Mark0

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1996-2010 Škoda Octavia (Octavia Tour) [Typ 1U]

1996-2010 Škoda Octavia (Octavia Tour) [Typ 1U]

1996-2010 Škoda Octavia (Octavia Tour) [Typ 1U]

Technical Data

1.4 8v 60hp / 44kW 4MT Front Wheel Drive 1999-2001
1.4 16v 75hp / 55kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 2000-2010
1.6 8v 75hp / 55kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1996-2000
1.6 8v 101hp / 74kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1998-2010
1.6 8v 102hp / 75kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 2000-2010
1.6 8v Automatic 102hp / 75kW 4AT Front Wheel Drive 2000-2010
2.0 8v 115hp / 85kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1999-2007
1.8 20v 125hp / 92kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1996-1999
1.8 20v Turbo 150hp / 110kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1998-2010
1.8 20v Turbo Automatic 150hp / 110kW 4AT Front Wheel Drive 1998-2010

1.9 SDI 68hp / 50kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1999-2004
1.9 TDI 90hp / 66kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1996-2007
1.9 TDI PD 101hp / 74kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 2000-2010
1.9 TDI 110hp / 81kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 1997-2006
1.9 TDI PD 131hp / 96kW 5MT Front Wheel Drive 2003-2004


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Comments about this car


Rinspeed FR (8057)

2011-05-15 09:34


you don't put the restyled one (after 2000) with new front bumper?

fck PL (4954)

2011-05-15 09:39


Well, generally... it's just a bumper.

Rinspeed FR (8057)

2011-05-15 18:12


just a question, there isnt diesel version until 2010?

fck PL (4954)

2011-05-15 18:30


Yes, you're right. I forgot one diesel engine.

Rinspeed FR (8057)

2011-05-15 18:46


are you ok with the different years? i had correct vento and 605

JFK CZ (441)

2015-12-03 17:25


This car is infamously known for tragic car accident shortly after it was released for sale, where its driver, Ludvik Kalma - boss of Skoda Auto was killed.
Picture of wreck here: i.idnes.cz/11/113/cl6/JB3f6655_FO00047742.jpg
Also after release of new Octavia, this car was sold as Octavia Tour.

-- Last edit: 2015-12-03 17:28:55

JFK CZ (441)

2016-01-25 21:59


Wow, first Octavias will very soon hit 20 years.

carcrazedalex586 ZA (1)

2017-04-15 23:29


So if India gets Skodas, and we get cars from India, then how the heck do we not get Skodas? :??: Volkswagen is a big brand here. Their Audi brand is big here too, but SEAT failed miserably. The Altea, León and Ibiza sold terribly.

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