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Origin: RU

Founder: Nikolai Fomenko

Years of Activity: 2007-2014

Headquarters: Moscow

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mikhail2003 UA (38)

2020-07-13 13:47


Ok, there were a plenty of cars, that never passed the development stage. Here's that small amount of info, that I've found:


B1 Cabrio - Convertible version of the first car. There's info, that one car was actually built, but there's no evidence;
B3 - The 'evolution' of two previous cars, faster and cheaper in production, than the previous ones. Exists in CGI only.


F1 - The original SUV, only one full-scaled maquette was made, the production was cancelled;
FB - SUV for the President's cortege. Government project, CGI render only.


L1 - President's sedan for aforementioned project, only exists in CGI;
L2 - Almost no info on that one, only some CGI renders and concept drawings, that doesen't look similar at all.


V1 - Cortege van on a lowest stage of development, made in CGI.


E1/E-CAR - High-tech electric car. Only CGI renders exist.

Military vehicles:

MAKS - Military SUV for another government project. Only one cheap CGI render exists, the company had almost no money at that time.

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