Origin: CN China

Founder Tianjin FAW

Years of Activity 1997-2015

Parent Company First Automobile Works Group (FAW)

Headquarters Tianjin, China


  • Discontinued Production

    2013-2020 FAW Xiali N7
    2012-2015 FAW Xiali N3
    2012-2013 FAW Xiali N3
    2009-2013 FAW Xiali N5
    2007-2012 Xiali N3+
    2007-2012 Xiali N3+
    2005-2011 Xiali Junya A+
    2005-2011 Xiali Shenya A+
    2004-2009 Xiali N3
    2004-2009 Xiali N3
    1997-2007 Xiali TJ7100A-TJ7101-TJ7130A-TJ7131
    1997-2007 Xiali TJ7100AU-TJ7101U-TJ7130AU-TJ7131U
    2001-2005 Xiali Junya A
    2001-2005 Xiali Shenya A
    1991-2000 Tianjin Xiali TJ7100U
    1988-2000 Tianjin Xiali TJ7100


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