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carcrasher88 US (13)

2011-05-27 21:48


Just added the ever beautiful Efijy concept from '05.

carcrasher88 US (13)

2013-12-11 04:56


Sad news, everyone...


Desscythe17 NL (9197)

2013-12-11 08:39


carcrasher88 wrote Sad news, everyone...


With Ford closing its production lines in Australia in a couple of years, this isn't such a shocker. Still every time a car manufacturer shuts down, it's such a waste of a beautiful history and a unique brand image. The Holden brand won't be completely forgotten though, through the great invention of badge engineering, ofcourse.

carcrasher88 US (13)

2013-12-11 20:13



Most of Holden's current lineup is built in South Korea, the next Colorado and Colorado7 (whenever the next generation model comes out) could be either Japanese or American built, the Volt is already American built, and GM could possibly make a next generation Commodore/SS based on an extended version of the Alpha platform (or Alpha II, if it's available by 2017) and build it in the US.

It might not be the most cost effective, but it could keep the Holden lineup like it is, just not built in Australia (unless GM surprises us with a facility in New Zealand, which seems unlikely).

Desscythe17 NL (9197)

2013-12-11 20:32


I don't think they will be built in New Zealand, because the whole problem is the Australian Dollar, so maybe they'll produce everything else in South Korea and the USA. I'm afraid the Commodore will be discontinued though, seeing as its sales aren't even close to what they were once. Maybe if the Chevrolet SS is a success in the US (I doubt it), they will make a successor for it, and badge engineer it into a Holden so that the Commodore can live on?

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