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USDon White

1950 NASCAR Grand National

FRJean-Claude Fabre (308)
1998 Dakar Rally

BEJean-Paul Forthomme (259)
Toyota HDJ 80
1998 Dakar Rally

Alfa Romeo 156
2003 Poland: Hill Climb Championship

PLSławomir Grzymała

1990 Poland: Off-Road Rally Championship

PLHenryk Ruciński
Volvo 144
1967 Poland: Rally Championship

PTAndré Rodrigues
Opel Corsa
2012 Portugal: Hill Climb Championship

FRGeorges Guebey
Peugeot 205 Maxi Kit Car
2001 France: Rally Championship (Asphalt)

FRMarc Grimaud
Fiat Uno Turbo N4
1999 France: Rally Championship (Asphalt)

JPHideyuki Tamamoto
Mirage GT1 Chevrolet
2000 Japan: JGTC (GT500)