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Last Updated Cars

1980 Shanghai SK720
Since 2022 Cadillac Lyriq
2018-2020 Haval F5
Since 2021 Geometry EX3
2018-2020 Haval H6 Coup
1997 Beijing BJ5020
Since 2022 Changan CS75 Plus
Since 2022 Maple 60S
Since 2020 Haval Chulian
2014-2017 Haval H6
2017-2019 Haval H9
2017-2020 Haval H2s Red Label
2017-2020 Haval H2s Blue Label
2016-2017 Haval H2s Blue Label
2016-2017 Haval H2s Red Label
Since 2021 Haval Chitu
2019-2021 Exeed LX
Since 2021 Haval H9
Since 2021 Exeed LX
2014-2017 Haval H9
Since 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor
Since 2022 Hyundai i20 N Rally1
2017-2021 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC
Since 2022 M-Sport Ford Puma Rally1
Since 2022 Toyota GR Yaris Rally1
2017-2021 Toyota Yaris WRC
2017-2021 Ford M-Sport Fiesta WRC
Since 2020 Roewe RX5 MAX Supreme
Since 2021 Roewe RX5 MAX
Since 2019 Roewe RX5 MAX
2018-2021 Borgward BX7 DKR
2015-2020 SRT Buggy
Since 2021 Toyota RAV4
2018-2021 Toyota RAV4
Since 2019 Kia Soul
Since 2016 Jinbei Jindian
Since 2018 Roewe RX8
Since 2021 Roewe Marvel R
Since 2016 SWM X7
Since 2020 SWM X2
Since 2019 SWM G05
2005-2006 Smart Forfour Brabus
2017-2021 Roewe RX3
2018-2021 Roewe Marvel X
Since 2020 Roewe ER6
1967 Hongwei BJ761
1967 Dongfanghong BJ761
2016-2020 Landwind X8

Last Updated Championships