1979-1988 AMC Eagle

Origin: US USA

Made in:
CA Brampton, Ontario (83-88)
US Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Griffith Company, Sundancer conversion)
US Kenosha, Wisconsin (80-83)


1979-1980 AMC Eagle
1979-1980 AMC Eagle Coupé
1979-1980 AMC Eagle Wagon
1980-1982 AMC Eagle Coupé
1980-1982 AMC Eagle Kammback
1980-1982 AMC Eagle Sundancer
1980-1983 AMC Eagle SX/4
1980-1987 AMC Eagle
1980-1988 AMC Eagle Wagon


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NL Desscythe17

2024-01-18 16:34
I added the Eagle Sundancer. Even though it's a conversion, it was officially sold through AMC dealerships.

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