1951 Zagato Fiat 1100 Panoramica Giardiniera

Presentation: ?

Total Production: 3

Design: ?

Class: Wagon — Origin: IT

Predecessor: ?

Successor: ?

Other bodystyles: ?

Other models: ?

Similar cars: ?

Made for


Made in: ?

Informations provided by : PDP , JFK

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1951 Zagato Fiat 1100 Panoramica Giardiniera

Technical Data

1.1 Tipo 108BL 30hp / 22kW 4MT Rear Wheel Drive 1951


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PDP IT (35)

2021-02-03 17:35


The second image has a superimposed name. It must be canceled. Sorry for the mistake, I only noticed it after uploading it.
While I'm reporting one thing. For many cars with coachbuilder bodywork, not having an exact year for the end of production I put that of the chassis on which they were assembled. The looms were in fact supplied by the parent company, so I imagine that once the production was over, the supply also ended. it is difficult to establish precise dates, sometimes it is not even known in which years the coachbuilder worked. In case it is considered a mistake, I will try to stop.

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