Since 2021 Bremach Taos

Origin: RU Russia

Class: Upcoming Cars

Made in:



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2021-02-03 17:24
I have to correct myself. Italian Bremach and this are the same thing. After the bankruptcy, the American importer take over the name.
US carcrasher88

2021-02-03 02:52
If there is a conflict, they could just scrap the Taos name and market as Brio, just like the pickup.


2021-02-02 17:13
The name reminds me of something. I did a research and I discovered that Bremach was an Italian company that dealt with work vehicles. However, having closed for bankruptcy in 2018, I imagine they are homonyms.

NL Desscythe17

2021-02-02 13:45
There's already a VW Taos being introduced to the US this year, are they not going to get into trouble for using the same model name?

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