1965-1974 MG B GT

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Class: Coup

Made in:
UK Abingdon



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FR Rinspeed

2011-11-22 15:55
i dont think

RB Mark0

2011-11-22 14:53
I got question. My B GT have 120hp. It's tunned with official MG tuning pack(new engine head, bigger valve...) However even it's official tunning pack it was never sold as tuned only as kit kar witch owner must install alone. Does we list that engine?

PL sajmon14

2011-02-16 20:28

RB Mark0

2011-02-16 19:03
My father fully restored MG B GT img828.imageshack.us/i/mgbgt2.jpg/ img340.imageshack.us/i/mgbgt.jpg/

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