1968-1974 ALTA A 200

Origin: GR Greece

Class: Supermini

Made in:
GR Athens
GR Elefsis



Author Message

FR Rinspeed

2011-07-21 10:05
No we dont take truck or commercial cars

2011-07-21 07:01
Can i also sent a small tricycle truck or not because it 's a truck ?

FR Rinspeed

2011-07-20 23:12
ok but for example i had add years for the motor, displacement, and that is a petrol motor.

2011-07-20 22:54
Rinspeed wrote
if you can, complete the motor

I 'm trying but there is not so much info about this car... (but much if you compare it with other Greek vehicles)

FR Rinspeed

2011-07-20 22:48
if you can, complete the motor

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