1928 Buick 28-58 X Opera

Origin: US USA

Class: Coupé

Made in:



Author Message

RB Mark0

2011-07-13 11:35
Thanks Tak.
FR Tak

2011-07-13 11:24
Very good job man ;)

RB Mark0

2011-07-13 10:53
Nice additions from Avignon Motor Festivals Rinspeed. You can see some nice cars in Motor Festivals & Museums.

FR Rinspeed

2011-07-13 10:41
Good!! It's like me, i post since a few days some pictures that i had take from Avignon Motor Festival with a lot of cars.

RB Mark0

2011-07-13 08:53
Yesterday i went to car museum to get some pictures & infos about cars. Some pictures are bad (have white color beause of light-you'll see) and only very bad picture is Rover 14. I will upload it with small size. I will get there again in few days to get better pictures.

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