1993-1996 Ford Mustang

Origin: US USA

Class: Coupé

Chassis: SN-95

Mk 4



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NL Desscythe17

2013-02-10 12:50
Yeah, 1993 has them running horizontally and the 1996 has them running vertically.
PT Ford78

2013-02-10 12:38
Desscythe17 wrote
Look at the rear lights.

I can see them. The 1993 version has stripes inside of rear lights and the 1996 version has three stripes in rearlight.

NL Desscythe17

2013-02-10 12:03
Look at the rear lights.
PT Ford78

2013-02-10 11:57
I don´t see any difference between 93 and 96, so why do you put in separate pages if the car is equal? :/

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