2008-2011 Acura TL

Origin: US USA

Class: Sedan

Chassis: UA

Mk 4



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FR Rinspeed

2012-08-18 11:45
you can use also for US cars www.automobile-catalog.com/

NL Desscythe17

2012-08-18 11:38
okay, but Carfolio never shows trunk volume... so I can't add it

NL Desscythe17

2012-08-18 11:37
Could an admin please delete the production facility? It should be Marysville, not Marrysville

FR Rinspeed

2012-08-18 11:36
very good, the only change i had do are Trunk Volume, put Automatic for the 3.5 and change 2009 to 2008 (for the US Models, we dont take the models years but the beginning of production like for the others cars in the world)

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