Origin: UK United Kingdom

Founder Cecil Kimber

Years of Activity 1924-present

Parent Company SAIC Motor Corporation

Headquarters Longbridge, Birmingham, United Kingdom


  • 2004 MG GT
    2002 MG XPower SV
    2001 MG ZT XPower 500
    1990 MG Adder
    1985 MG EX-E
    1972 MG SSV1
    1968 Pininfarina MG EX.234
    1967-1968 MG EX.241
    1966 MG ADO34
    1960 MG EX.214
    1958 MG EX.205
    1952 Ghia MG TD


    Author Message

    NL Desscythe17

    2017-12-17 16:41
    Mark0 wrote
    Is the MG 7 still in production?

    I believe it was discontinued in 2013.

    RB Mark0

    2017-12-17 15:32
    Is the MG 7 still in production?

    RB Mark0

    2016-10-07 18:14
    They are making MG3 and MG GS for UK market in Longbridge plant.

    -- Last edit: 2016-10-07 18:14:27

    PH Renz203

    2016-10-07 12:38
    does Morris Garages makes cars only for China?

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