Origin: KR Korea

Made for US USA

Founder Chris Hosford

Years of Activity 2015-present

Parent Company Hyundai Motor Company

Headquarters Seoul, South Korea


  • 2023 Genesis GV80 Coupé
    2022 Genesis X Convertible
    2019 Genesis Mint
    2018 Genesis Essentia
    2017 Genesis GV80
    2016 Genesis New York
    2016 Genesis Vision G


    Author Message
    US carcrasher88

    2018-03-31 01:19
    Well, by 2020, they plan to introduce a coupe (possibly somewhat previewed by the Essentia) and two SUVs. They're actually selling quite well, and recently jumped to the very top of Consumer Report's vehicle scoring and vehicle reliability rankings.

    Give 'em time, and they'll have an even bigger and better lineup.

    NL Desscythe17

    2018-03-28 19:22
    I'm kind of surprised Genesis is first introducing three sedans to the American market before bringing a crossover. Cadillac is a perfect example of a brand that has too many sedans and too few crossovers, and because of that has terrible sales (besides the Escalade). I think that is a bad sign for Genesis if they don't bring anything into SUV-land soon.

    -- Last edit: 2018-03-28 19:23:38

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