Origin: DE Germany

Founder Jochen Arden

Years of Activity Since 1972

Parent Company ?

Headquarters Krefeld, Germany


  • Current Production

    Since 2011 Arden MINI AM3
    Since 2010 Arden Range Rover Sport AR5
    Since 2010 Arden Range Rover Sport AR6
    Since 2007 Arden Range Rover AR7 Highlander

    Discontinued Production

    2010-2019 Arden Jaguar AJ22
    2009-2011 Arden Jaguar AJ21 Fast Cat
    2010 Arden Jaguar AJ20 Wild Cat
    2010 Arden MINI AM2
    2009-2010 Arden Bentley Continental GTC
    2009 Arden MINI AM1 Equipe
    2008-2009 Arden Range Rover Sport AR5
    2005-2009 Arden Jaguar AJ18
    2003-2007 Arden AJ14
    2005 Arden AJ16 A-Type Leightweight RS
    2000-2003 Arden Jaguar AJ17
    1998-2002 Arden AJ14
    1997-2002 Arden AJ15 A-Type
    1994-1997 Arden AJ13
    1994 Arden AJ10
    1991-1993 Arden AJ7 V12 Coupe
    1988 Arden AJ5 Biturbo
    1986-1988 Arden AJ8
    1985-1988 Arden AJ2 V12 Cabriolet
    1987 Arden AJ3
    1982-1985 Arden AJ1 XJ V12 Double Six
    1982 Arden AJ4 V12


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