Origin: IT Italy

Founder Vincenzo Lancia

Years of Activity Since 1906

Parent Company Stellantis

Headquarters Turin, Italy


  • Current Production

    Since 2025 Lancia Ypsilon HF
    Since 2024 Lancia Ypsilon

    Discontinued Production

    2011-2024 Lancia Ypsilon
    2011-2015 Lancia Voyager
    2011-2014 Lancia Thema
    2008-2014 Lancia Delta
    2012-2013 Lancia Flavia
    2004-2012 Lancia Musa
    2003-2011 Lancia Ypsilon
    2002-2010 Lancia Phedra
    2002-2009 Lancia Thesis
    1999-2006 Lancia Lybra
    1996-2003 Lancia Y
    1994-2002 Lancia Zeta
    1994-2000 Lancia Kappa
    1993-1999 Lancia Delta
    1989-1999 Lancia Dedra
    1985-1996 Lancia Y10
    1992-1994 Zagato Lancia Hyena
    1984-1994 Lancia Thema
    1979-1994 Lancia Delta
    1982-1989 Lancia Prisma
    1985-1986 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale
    1976-1984 Lancia Gamma
    1972-1984 Lancia Beta
    1982-1983 Lancia 037 Stradale
    1975-1981 Lancia Beta Montecarlo / Montecarlo
    1963-1976 Lancia Fulvia
    1973-1975 Lancia Stratos HF
    1971-1974 Lancia 2000
    1960-1971 Lancia Flavia
    1957-1970 Lancia Flaminia
    1953-1963 Lancia Appia
    1950-1958 Lancia Aurelia
    1939-1953 Lancia Ardea
    1938 Lancia Astura Cabriolet Pininfarina
    1937 Lancia Aprilia Sport Zagato
    1936 Lancia Astura Bocca Cabriolet
    1934 Lancia Belna Roadster Pourtout
    1922-1931 Lancia Lambda


    Author Message
    US carcrasher88

    2012-11-03 17:11
    Yeah, it was a false alarm, everyone.

    Apparently other than the Ypsilon (incorrectly spelt in the article with an 'E', instead of a 'Y'), all future Lancias will be US developed, with the Ypsilon continuing to be Italian developed.

    Perhaps this could be a sign of the rumored next Delta also being the rumored Chrysler 100?

    NL Desscythe17

    2012-11-03 14:04
    @carcrasher88: the problem is, Lancia is primarily for the European market, and their cars are too expensive, but not unique enough to make people buy them. I personally really like the Thema, but it's impossible for it to have lots of sales next to Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Delta is a nice car, but it's too expensive compared to others in its class. The Ypsilon has the exact same problem. The sporty model you suggested wouldn't work either, because European people buy cheap and fuel efficient cars, not fast and/or powerful cars. After all, I could've predicted Lancia was going down 10 years ago, I just never thought of the possibility...

    FR Rinspeed

    2012-11-02 23:44
    There isn't official annoucement for the end of Lancia at this day. This is only based on the fact that the future plans for Fiat Group 2012-2016 had no Lancia project, only Chrysler based project for Lancia (so not new little cars, only us cars with Lancia badge)
    US carcrasher88

    2012-11-02 22:22
    Desscythe17 wrote

    I just saw it, it's a crying shame

    Indeed. Fortunately, the cars of the Lancia lineup will more than likely live on, since they are marketed in places like the UK as Chryslers.

    My suggestion for the Delta: The next Chrysler Delta (if there ever is one) should share platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta (from C-Platform to C-Evo), and if Dodge builds a Dart SRT4 between now and then, hopefully with AWD, use the engine and AWD from it, put it in the Delta, and make a new performance model (maybe even sell it in the US).

    Being a Chrysler, it probably wouldn't use the Integrale Evolutione nameplate.

    Perhaps it could be a Chrysler Delta S4 SRT (use the legendary S4 designation, plus the use of an SRT developed powertrain and drivetrain combination), or simply Delta S4, with some SRT badges?

    -- Last edit: 2012-11-02 22:26:49
    PT Ford78

    2012-11-02 22:00
    carcrasher88 wrote
    What?? Really? The canīt do that!!!!! Keep Lancia in PRODUCTION!!!

    NL Desscythe17

    2012-11-02 21:22
    carcrasher88 wrote
    I just saw it, it's a crying shame
    US carcrasher88

    2012-11-02 21:12
    Sad news, everyone...

    2011-07-21 17:35
    i sent the Appia mk3 :)

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