Origin: CN China

Founder Xiang Xingchu

Years of Activity 1964-1997 (as Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory), 1997-present

Parent Company Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Corporation (JAC)

Headquarters Hefei, Anhui, China


  • Current Production

    Since 2019 JAC iEVA50
    Since 2017 JAC iEV7L
    Since 2015 JAC Shuailing T6

    Discontinued Production

    2021-2023 JAC Hunter
    2019-2022 JAC iEVS4
    2017-2022 JAC iEV7S
    2020-2021 JAC iC5
    2020-2021 JAC Jiayue X7
    2019-2021 JAC iEV6E
    2018-2021 JAC Refine S4
    2019-2020 JAC Jiayue A5
    2019-2020 JAC Refine S3
    2018-2020 JAC Refine R3
    2018-2020 JAC Refine S3
    2017-2020 JAC Refine S2
    2017-2020 JAC Refine S2 mini
    2017-2020 JAC Refine S3
    2017-2020 JAC Refine S7
    2017-2020 JAC Refine S7 Sport
    2016-2020 JAC Refine A60
    2015-2020 JAC Refine S5 II
    2019 JAC iEVA60
    2018-2019 JAC IEVA50
    2014-2019 JAC Heyue
    2016-2018 JAC Refine S3 III
    2013-2018 JAC Heyue RS
    2015-2017 JAC iEV5
    2015-2017 JAC Refine S2
    2014-2017 JAC Heyue A13
    2013-2017 JAC Refine M5
    2013-2016 JAC Heyue A30
    2013-2016 JAC Yueyue
    2012-2016 JAC Tongyue Cross
    2012-2016 JAC Yueyue Cross
    2014-2015 JAC Heyue A13 RS
    2014-2015 JAC Refine S3
    2013-2015 JAC Refine S5
    2013-2014 JAC Ruichi K3
    2009-2014 JAC Heyue
    2009-2014 JAC Heyue RS
    2008-2014 JAC Tongyue
    2008-2014 JAC Tongyue RS
    2011-2013 JAC Refine
    2010-2013 JAC Yueyue
    2007-2013 JAC Binyue
    2006-2013 JAC Rein


    Author Message
    DE Gamer

    2015-11-22 13:20
    There is a car made by these guys named Binjoy - at least they're honest and admit that like almost all Chinese vehicles, their cars are total crap! :lol:
    US carcrasher88

    2012-01-31 16:48
    Another day, another Chinese rip-off. This time, JAC has decided to make their own Ford F-150...


    ...not that bad an execution, a bit of Dodge Ram/RAM 1500 in the middle, and some Chevrolet Avalanche with F-150 taillights in the rear.

    Still, why can't China just make their own designs, and stop ripping off everyone else?

    I mean, they even ripped off the Thai-market Chevrolet Colorado!


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