Origin: IT Italy

Founder Marcello Meregalli

Years of Activity 2006 - Present

Parent Company ?

Headquarters Monza, Italy


  • 2020 Aznom Palladium


    Author Message

    IT PDP

    2020-11-16 19:45
    In addition to the .... "hyper limousine" Palladium, the Aznom, Monza on the contrary, has also created various aesthetic elaborations of interiors and exteriors based on Audi, Land Rover and Smart. However, since these are processing that do not modify the mechanics or aesthetics, change the color to the maximum, the addition of a nameplate and more luxurious interiors, I think they should not be added. Among others, there would be a mid-engine processing of the Abarth 500, but I don't find any technical data.
    There is a technical data sheet for the Palladium, but it is not complete.
    I apologize for the bad English, I use Google translate.

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