Origin: CN China

Founder Changan, continuation of Chana

Years of Activity 2018-present

Parent Company Changan Automobile

Headquarters Chongqing, China


  • Current Production

    Since 2023 Oshan X5 Plus
    Since 2022 Oshan Z6
    Since 2021 Oshan Qiyue
    Since 2021 Oshan X7 Plus
    Since 2020 Oshan Cosmos Pro
    Since 2020 Oshan X5

    Discontinued Production

    2020-2022 Oshan Kesai 5
    2020-2022 Oshan X7 EV
    2019-2021 Oshan X7
    2019-2020 Oshan Kesai 3
    2019-2020 Oshan Kesai 5


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