Autoklub RČ

Origin: CZ Czech Republic

Founder ?

Years of Activity ?

Parent Company ?

Headquarters ?


  • 1948 Autoklub RC A. M.
    1948 Autoklub RC Frada
    1948 Autoklub RC Hanel 500
    1948 Autoklub RC Minicar
    1948 Autoklub RC OLI
    1948 Autoklub RC V. K. 48
    1948 Autoklub RC Zeda


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    QA JFK

    2015-09-14 20:00
    Thanks mate :)
    This isnt infact a brand itself, but a national autoclub who did a competition to solve problem of lacking reasonable priced small car on the market - these are creations that met requirements of the competition from various more or less amateurs in different stages of developement, from ideas, hand drawn pitures, chassis and complete cars. I did it as a maker to unify it.

    PL fck

    2015-09-14 19:20
    Good to see you on our site, JFK! Never heard about this make before!

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