2013 France: Rally Championship (Gravel)


1 FR 18ème Rallye Terre des Causses (5 April)
2 FR 13ème Rallye Terre de Langres (28 June)
3 FR 19ème Rallye Terre de l'Auxerrois (26 July)
4 FR 2è Rallye Terre de Lozère- Sud de France (30 August)
5 FR 30ème Rallye Terre des Cardabelles (11 October)
6 FR 23ème Rallye Terre de Vaucluse (8 November)


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PT Ford78

2013-10-16 15:11
Evo 1> the-tunerz.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/skoda-octavia-wrc.jpg
Evo 2> images.alphacoders.com/283/283101.jpg.

Here's the differences.

ANSWER: Alain Deveza drove a Octavia WRC Evo 1.

-- Last edit: 2013-10-16 15:12:22

FR Rinspeed

2013-10-16 14:20
Ford78 wrote
Driver 12> Skoda Octavia WRC NOT linked

yes i dont know if it's E1 or E2
PT Ford78

2013-10-16 13:19
Driver 12> Skoda Octavia WRC NOT linked

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