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PT Ford78

2023-05-23 19:58
Rafael Cardeira, Ernesto Cunha, Hugo Mesquita, Gonšalo Henriques and Paulo Roque were not classified in final results of Rally Portugal, as they were competing towards Portuguese Championship. However, they did not retire.

Source- www.ewrc-results.com/final/76758-vodafone-rally-de-portugal-2023/?sct=37
PT Ford78

2023-04-04 11:21
In eWRC-results.com, there are a lot of errors, such as eWRC says that Raskan Al-Rashed did not score points in Round #2, when on official website (FPAK), he scored points for the championship.

EWRC also says that 25 Drivers scored points for Portugal Rally Championship Round #2 when on official website, only 19 drivers scored points in Round #2.
PT Ford78

2023-03-22 00:31
Source- fpak.pt/sites/default/files/ficheiros/2022-03/C%20P%20RALIS%202022%20CONDUTORES%20-%20ABSOLUTO.pdf

eWRC-results.com says that 9 drivers have finished on Portugal Rally Championship points, however, this is wrong, as the official site from FPAK says that 11 drivers have scored points instead of 9. Therefore, I have used the standings from official website (FPAK), not from eWRC.

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