2023 Spain: Rally Superchampionship


1 ES 40º Rallye Sierra Morena (17-18 March)
2 ES 12º Rally Tierras Altas de Lorca (14-15 April)
3 ES 47º Rally Islas Canarias (4-6 May)
4 ES 56º Rally de Ourense (16-17 June)
5 ES Rallye Princesa de Asturias Ciudad de Oviedo (8-9 September)
6 ES 46º Rallye Villa de Llanes (22-23 September)
7 ES 58º RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada (20-21 October)
8 ES 29º Rallye La Nucía-Mediterráneo (3-4 Novemebr)
9 ES 10º Rally Ciudad de Pozoblanco (17-18 November)
10 ES Rallyshow Comunidad de Madrid-RACE (16 December)


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PT Ford78

2023-04-25 23:51
There are a lot of mistakes on eWRC, with Jan Solans finishing 12th and having 9 points, when the official website says that Jan Solans finished 10th with 13 points.

Source- www.rfeda.es/docs/clasificaciones/scer/clasificacion.pdf

The Spanish Rally Superchampionship replaces both Spain Asphalt and Gravel Championships from 2021 season onwards.

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