2020 FIA Central Rally Trophy


1 CZ 48. Rallye Česk Krumlov (22-23 May) (Cancelled)
2 CZ Kowax ValMez Rally (7-9 August)
3 AT Rallye Weiz (3-5 September) (Cancelled)
4 SI 9. MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica (10-12 September) (Cancelled)
5 HR 46th INA Delta Rally (24-26 September)
6 DE 23. Int. ADMV Lausitz Rallye (5-7 November)


Author Message
PT Ford78

2020-09-27 20:31
At 46th Ina Delta Rally, Ondřej Bisaha was the only one scoring for Central Rally Trophy's points, as Juraj Sebali, Niko Pulic, Viliam Prodan and Juraj Szilagyi were not eligible for Central Rally Trophy's overall points. They scored on ERT 2 Class points instead.

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