2002 Portugal: Rally Championship


1 PT Rali Casino da Póvoa (8-9 February)
2 PT Rali F.C. Porto (1-3 March)
3 PT Rali Figueira da Foz (17-19 May)
4 PT TMN Rali de Portugal (7-8 June)
5 PT Sata Rally Açores (4-6 July)
6 PT Rali Vinho de Madeira (1-3 August)
7 PT Rali de Rota do Vidro/Centro de Portugal (27-29 September)
8 PT Rali Casino de Espinho (11-12 October)
9 PT Rali Casinos de Algarve (1-2 November)
10 PT Rali Sport/ Rota do Dão Lafões (22-23 November)


Author Message
PT Ford78

2019-01-25 17:02
Updated the championship results with better information, with rally positions and also, Carlos Fulgêncio's car, as he used VW Golf III GTi A7 before he switched to Lancer Evo VI N4.

Source- www.ewrc-results.com/season/2002/?nat=18

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