1992 USA: SCCA Pro Rally


1 US 35th Big Bend Bash Divisional Pro Rally (31 January-2 February)
2 US 5th Prescott Forest Divisional Pro Rally (24-26 April)
3 US 9th Rim of the World Pro Rally (15-16 May)
4 US 16th Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally (5-7 June)
5 US 7th Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally (28-30 August)
6 US 11th Gold Rush Forests Pro Rally (13-14 October)
7 US 44th Press-on-Regardless Pro Rally (23-25 October)
8 US Capitol Forest Stages Pro Rally (7-8 November)
9 US 2nd Maine Forest Pro Rally (4-5 December)


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